I found a neat book to teach kids the basics of Evolution

I'm always looking to keep my kiddos inspired, and I think education is a big part of that. Who agrees? Just found a neat and adorable kid's book that teaches them about science and the basics of evolution! It looks awesome! Check it out below and help out if you've got a quick minute:  http://kck.st/1JfmLrJ



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The biggest thing I find against this book is it's title - "Evolutionary Tales." The problem is that Christian Evangelicals who are fundamentalist will not buy it. They don't want the word "evolution" in anything. They all believe "god did it" and they speak of "EVIL lution." I'd like to see them all go away as they are becoming as annoying as "flat earthers."

Once you get away from this particular mindset the book might go over quite well.




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