I Googled and found and Atheist group in my area! :) Also, tempted to post something on FB, but won't.

I was excited to find an Atheist group in my area.  Not too many members, but better than nothing.  I'm going to try and go to a meet-up at a restaurant with some of them this month.  Might drag my friend and/or my Mom along.

Also I have gotten rid of a LOT of FB friends because I can't stand the dumb religious postings.  One I still have put one up today about being grateful for all that 'god' has blessed her with.  Aaarrgggh!  And then another friend 'liked' it.  I am having SO much trouble saying something like "it's nice 'god' gave you blessings while he let many little children die horrible, painful deaths from things like cancer.  You are blessed!".  Gonna hold my tongue, or I'm not going to have any friends in real life save a few.

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nothing wrong w/using yer braaaaiigghhnzzz
speak up you know what is up; who set you up? god? be yourself: You heard greydon square's lyrics?
i got lyrics we all got lyrics! ha. so hrmmm.. fbook> meetup.com is where it all goes down my friend

go gorilla style ; drop .25 size flyers; photocopy?
w/mention of meetup.com group. that's how it worked down heer in the s.e. sector of the u.s.a.
thing is to have a place with indoor-outdoor option; big on that; and enough seats cya

Booklover, i recommend doing your venting on sites like this, or through local meetups.  I struggle with FB too, and there is a lot i want to post there but don't.  the furtherst i go is to post evolution related links, articles, or pictures.  you don't want to be 'that guy/girl'.  i've read many stories here about FB battles over religion, and they turn into a giant clusterfuck.  that is not the forum for debates.  do as our Christian friends like to say and turn the other cheek, even if they don't practice what they preach. 


ps - I LYK 2READ - you may like to read but your writing style is painful for this Atheist to comprehend. 

The Reason Rally. I'm going, btw. My mom lives just outside of DC.

This is a great place to vent, very therapeutic. Message me or post a discussion any time you feel the need.

Have fun at the meetup. That's one reason I don't do FB.

booklover, I find FB to be a monumental waste of time, energy and effort. Allow me to share a good piece of advice given to me when I was a young man (and I'm pretty sure I'm older than you). 

"Never argue with a fool. People looking in from the outside may not be able to tell the difference."

Morons will praise their cosmic Jewish zombie for giving them cancer, diabetes, and their nephew schizophrenia. You may not have many friends in real life, but those you do are worth their weight in gold. And even with a small group in your area of Illinois (I'm 350 miles south of you in the same State), there is the possibility of finding a few more golden nuggets. Find them, cherish them, and keep them close. 

P.S. @I LYK 2 READ. I've to go with matthew greenberg on this one. Meaning no personal disrespect, you may like to read, but you sure as hell don't know how to write.

I don't actually live in the town, which has a population of 250 - including the cats and dogs. I'm about 50 minute drive south of Carbondale, and about a 20 minute drive from where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet.  As we say down here, I live out where the hoot owls wink at the chickens.

This post encouraged me to look in my area, thank you booklover.  I have started communication and I am really looking forward to a response. :)




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