I Got Chills (not the good kind) When Reading This News Item

The infection from the fundamentalist belt is spreading up here with an odd coalition.

I never thought the teaching of evolution would be challenged up here in Ontario. 

How the province responds is going to be an interesting test for my countrymen. I hope we are up to it.


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And the American fundamentalist virus spreads. I, too, hope my neighbors to the north are up to the challenge to stop the infection. 

I hope so to.  I still think that is a parent is doing their job, they will be able to communicate effectively with their child.  This is for good or bad ideals.

These people want to be exempt from being EDUCATED ... because their religious sensibilities might be hurt.  As a result, they will be less educated, less well-informed, in favor of a discredited book of nonsense which has more and varied interpretations than I really care to count.

Someone explain to me, please: WHY should belief trump knowledge?

You have my sympathy. It's scary how willful ignorance can spread.

A number of conservative Christian and Muslim parents ... are asking schools across the GTA to notify them when their child’s class will discuss topics ranging from homosexuality and birth control to wizardry, evolution and “environmental worship,” so they can withhold their child from classes that contradict their religious beliefs.

They are giving schools the same five-page “Traditional Values Letter” used by a Greek Orthodox father ....

Oh, yes, parents always know best.

At least the minister of education isn't giving in:

While school boards ponder how to respond, Ontario’s minister of education says the inclusive approach of Ontario’s school system is here to stay ....

“A little person can draw a picture of her two moms or two dads, for example, and feel safe and accepted. That’s what happens in classes across Ontario and that’s what should happen.”

Canada should build a border fence to keep our infection from spreading north. (Let me in first, I like Ontario.)

I love your way with words. And you are right.


Good words! Nucking futs I shall remember. 

Reasonable discussion about some subjects requires a certain background of experience and comprehension that children of a certain age simply do not have.

The introduction of the subject of homosexuality to a first grader who has no idea about the concept of sexuality in the first place is, in my opinion, totally inappropriate.  

It is folly, for example, to present the concept of evolution to a 6 year old, and, regardless of how it is approached, has a greater potential to lead to confusion than it does to understanding.

I believe that there are age-appropriate subjects and  there are age-inappropriate subjects.

Religion has nothing to do with that opinion.

The topic of homosexuality may not be appropriate for a first grader, but if that first grader was raised by two men or two women, then SOMETHING needs to be addressed, regardless, whether it's the concept of alternative nuclear families or some variant on that theme.

Meantime, there remain parents and some educators who want to pretend that none of this exists or that they can somehow work around the fact of its existence.  What you have here is yet another variation on political correctness, a concept which I have zero tolerance for, at least among adults, as well as with children who are very often far smarter than those same adults.  It also reflects the idea that we have to respect these beliefs because they are supposedly sacred or based in something sacred when what they are is STUPID, ritualized and antiquated superstitions which deserve no more respect than tossing salt over your left shoulder for luck.

These people want to cripple their kids, socially at minimum and far more at maximum.  That doesn't give me chills.  It enrages the hell outta me.


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