I really suck at these things so bear with me. I was born and raised in a small town in southern Oregon, I still live here too. My parents never attended church but my grandmother dragged me to church every opportunity she had, which was quite often since she cared for me and my brother often. I remember vividly sitting in sunday school completely confused with the story of Noah and how he was able to get ALL of the animals on Earth on that damned boat LOL. I knew that they had no knowledge of North America at that time. I was also very confused with the idea of the Bible. Everything about it confused me not in the sense of not understanding what was written in it but that god and jesus themselves didn't write it. I could never really believe in god at that age either, the "magic" of it seemed like BS to me just like Santa.

When I was old enough to stay home alone, I never attended church. Then when I got into Jr. High and High school, I TRIED to go to church and TRIED to believe. It didn't work out, my rational brain prohibited it. I did attend a youth group in a neighboring town that encouraged you to question the bible, seek your own answers and insist that you think for yourself. SHOCKING I know! After attending there I found out that I truly was an Atheist.

Fast forwarding a few years ok ok ten is more like it but whatever ;) Now I'm a mother of two great boys 9 and 6. I have new obsticles now, mainly trying to raise them to think for themselves, be independant and not to believe in something because they want to fit in. Oh and to keep them from being brainwashed LOL.

Thanks for reading my book,

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Welcome to the Nexus. I too was raised in a small town in southern Oregon, Grants Pass here, but I now live inside the greater Portland area, the churches had a huge influence in my town growing up, I was just fortunate enough to have parents who were completely disconnected from that.
If only there were more mothers like you in the world. Be sure to check out http://atheistnexus.org/group/parentinglittleheathens. Welcome and enjoy.
Hello and welcome to A/N Angela, I too tried to believe and failed, it's something a rational mind can't do it seems.
Good luck raising the kids, mine it seems are athiest too thankfully, 3 lovely boys.

Chris P.
Hey, so glad you joined this group and then invited me! We've had so many great non-religious times together! *Big Atheist Hug*
Awww thanks :)




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