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Hey, it can't be any worse than the holy water with fecal material in it!

The church being the body of christ was always far fetched. As for his physical body let's imagine now that the method of death in his time was hanging. Then the bible would have declared that "his neck was not broken and he didn't shit himself."

I guess that brings us back to the hepatitis- A.

Maybe churches should undergo the same inspection and certification processes.  If they are serving food and beverages to the public, that makes sense.

I do wonder if the body of Christ would get a USDA Prime rating.

As for fecal material in holy water, I would not expect otherwise.  Dozens or hundreds of people wash their hands in it?  Do we expect them all to wash their hands after pooping?  Research says only  5% wash hands properly after using the toilet.  Kind of makes me want to avoid shaking hands with anyone, anytime.




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