they're doing it again.  it's actually quite embarrassing.  Pennsylvania is a northern state.  it borders on deep blue, liberal states like Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.  however, as many people know, it's basically Philadelphia (where i live), Pittsburgh, with Kentucky in the middle - hence the moniker Pennsyltucky. 

and, unlike it's border states, it's 100% controlled by Republican legislators.  the PA House, Senate, and Governor are all Republicans.  which is why the renewed effort to introduce Creationist legislation terrifies me. 

this so called "academic freedom" bill is the latest end-around for allowing debate on the settled science of Evolution.  but unlike other methods the knuckle draggers have attempted, this one has worked in a couple of states.  it's law in Louisiana and Tennessee.  while attempts have failed in other states, it has apparently (somehow???) been ruled constitutional.  or at least has not been ruled unconstitutional. 

which means that if Republicans want to pass these laws they can.  consider me extremely worried. 

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Is a high school student academically free to believe that pi is 3.0?  Is that student entitled to get an engineering degree and build bridges?

Someone needs to teach these idiots (the legislators) that the kids need to learn to walk before doing 50-yard wind-sprints.

The shame is that the "freedom of education acts" being considered by a number of state houses is "stealth" legislation, even as the push for voter ID bills are much the same.  The sponsors think they're putting something over on the people they are supposed to represent.  It's time they realized that enough people know what's going on ... and we're not having any.

I went to high school in relatively-sane Wisconsin, and even so, when we got to evolution in biology class, there was still a brainwashed kid who huffed out of the room with tears in her eyes and never came back.  She was so religious - her parents were so religious - that she'd been told to leave if anyone even attempted to teach her what evolution really is, as opposed to what their crazy church slander would have it be.  Her parents made her flunk high school bio TWICE, and they walked out of there feeling like they'd done some "good" for the world, like they "stood up" to something.  It's sick.  Really, really sick.

I'm still young enough to remember the kinds of stupid arguments creationist kids make.  I mean, if you think adult creationists are lacking in rationality, the kids...  They say things like "Evolution is false because the earth can't be billions of years old.  If it was, there would be too many bones of dead things all over the place.  We'd be kicking over bones everywhere we walked!"  As if they'd never heard of decomposition?  Or invertebrates?  And this is the kind of stuff their creationist parents lap up with joy.  "Oh, little Johnny's so smart!  Look at him being such a freethinker, challenging those Darwinist bullies!"

No way I'd want to see how bad it would be if the schools caved in and said their views were educationally valid.

About the fundamentalists' denying science, there was a three-star 1972 movie, The Poseidon Adventure, whose writers didn't know they had a wonderful metaphor.

Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Shelley Winters, Roddy McDowell, Red Buttons, Stella Stevens are among those enjoying New Year's Eve on a passenger liner when a tsunami (a tidal wave then) overturns the ship.

The metaphor is the small groups of passengers running about in the overturned ship, each group following its leader. The cameras of course follow the only group of passengers who reach the rescuers who are cutting a hole in the hull.

Every time I hear of science deniers, I picture those small bands of people who will go down with the ship.

I just checked Amazon and I can get the movie for my Kindle Fire. I'm going to do it.




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