they're doing it again.  it's actually quite embarrassing.  Pennsylvania is a northern state.  it borders on deep blue, liberal states like Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.  however, as many people know, it's basically Philadelphia (where i live), Pittsburgh, with Kentucky in the middle - hence the moniker Pennsyltucky. 

and, unlike it's border states, it's 100% controlled by Republican legislators.  the PA House, Senate, and Governor are all Republicans.  which is why the renewed effort to introduce Creationist legislation terrifies me. 

this so called "academic freedom" bill is the latest end-around for allowing debate on the settled science of Evolution.  but unlike other methods the knuckle draggers have attempted, this one has worked in a couple of states.  it's law in Louisiana and Tennessee.  while attempts have failed in other states, it has apparently (somehow???) been ruled constitutional.  or at least has not been ruled unconstitutional. 

which means that if Republicans want to pass these laws they can.  consider me extremely worried. 

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Some of the comments on that article were positively precious, especially the one lampooning the concept of the Big Bang while asserting that a virgin birth was as credible.

Honestly, there are times when I wonder if Homo sapiens is too stupid to survive.


It's actually worse than that! In the "Proto-Gospel Of James" we have a midwife going to the cave where Mary is, but Jesus is already born. Then this woman puts her hand in Mary's private parts to discover she is intact. It's a miracle. A virgin has given birth! How gullible can you be? One would assume that childbirth solved that "virgin" problem, but to most of the world Mary remained a virgin forever. To me this raises doubts about Jesus ever being born in the first place.

He had no birth date given, and his followers didn't start writing his words down until about 70 years after his death. (Yep, those red letter Bibles are accurate.) What kind of horseshit do they want us to believe here? But it's OK. They threw out all the writings they didn't like, or the ones that sounded incredible. They only kept the ones that seemed "believable."

I stopped believing any of it.

Her hymen was intact AFTER the birth???  Whoa.  I know in some cases it's possible to remain intact after sex, but birth?  Maybe Jesus was an extremely small infant.  Maybe Mary was a mutant superhero, and her power was an extremely stretchy hymen.  Someone needs to turn this into a comic book.

Why don't accredited universities disqualify applicants who aren't taught evolution, and believe in creationism? Simply start putting questions on entrance exams about high school biology, and cull out the the cult of intelligent design.  Maybe that would wake up some of these morons.

Ahh, never mind. That would actually take some courage from the academic institutions.

Pat, accredited universities--their entrance exams--do disqualify applicants who aren't taught evolution.

Where but in California would born-again parents send their children to schools that teach creationism, and when these children fail the UC entrance exams, go to court?

As I recall, the district court ruled against UC. About a year ago the Ninth Circuit reversed.

I don't know if the parents appealed and the state Supreme turned down their appeal.

this is equally depressing:

how is it that science denial has become an ideology???

I wonder - is it so much an ideology as it is a frightened reaction to religion's increasing loss of credibility?  Science is finding more answers which don't agree with religion and religion looks more and more ridiculous as it continues to push its fatuous and outdated "answers" on a public that increasingly isn't buying it.  So they react by shouting their answers LOUDER and attempting to co-opt the government into agreeing with them.

Religion in general and christianity in particular are scared shitless ... and the evidence is right here for anyone to read.

i think they are (mostly) true believers.  delusional and ignorant, but true believers nonetheless.  


good article from the local Harrisburg news on this:

can you imagine how ugly some of these discussions could get?  i can see a scenario where some Bible thumper decides to bring up Intelligent Design, but instead of the teacher saying politely that the topic is not appropriate for science class, another kid starts hurling (deserved) insults like "flat earther" or "teabagger" or "idiot/moron". 

that is what a law like this encourages. 

For current news on creationism or ID and the public schools, go to and subscribe to their free emails. It's the National Committee for Science Education. They and the Pennsylvania ACLU won the Dover attempt. The NOVA film Intelligent Design On Trial tells the story.

NCSE's emails tell of the many attempts in the states, most of which die in legislative committees.

Why the dot com? Someone else beat them to Their email will ask for your support. Please do.




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