I went to Barnes and Noble to look for some books. As I was walking down the isles I noticed the fiction section, good selection.  I then walked over to the the bibles and scratched my head and thought, hey, shouldn't these be in the fiction section?  So I took one and put in in the fiction section and walked off laughing. Had I more time I would have put more.  Tee hee

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As long as you're doing that, you might grab a few qurans and anything having to do with scientology!  We REALLY shouldn't play favorites, you know!

Very funny moment. I hope someone comes along and gets the irony (and the truth of it).

Its so sad to think that some people actually believe EVERY story of the bible. One night, I read a chapter of George R.R. Martin's work (ASOIAF) and then read some of Revelations. I really could not tell the difference between the two. I mean, one has a one-headed dragon. The other has a SEVEN headed dragon. 

There's an amusing video on YouTube by Religious Antagonist where he goes into a library and puts all the Bibles into the ficiton section. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-6r86T1m4c


Not as funny as the vid where he crashed a Tea Party rally dressed as George Washington, but still good.

The Library of Congress classification system, used for the call numbers on books at most college, university, and government libraries, uses "B" for philosophy, psychology, and religion.

The Bible is under "BS".

(I am not making this up.)

Apropos: (from Cartoonstock)

I liked the line up at our old Borders store: they had Government and Politics right next to True Crime.


I wanted to find a copy of my 8th grade science textbook, "Explore God's Creation", because no one believed my stories about how bad it was. I finally found one from a novelty SciFi dealer. Should have known to start there in the first place!  I had a good laugh.

That is funny. I guess that is why they have their own section "Religion and Spirituality", so no one gets pissed for them being shelved in Fiction, or NonFiction. I am sure christians hate seeing them in the same section as books on hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. You know, because NO ONE is right but them. I find that SO arrogant. That the christians think that the whole world is not as smart as they are..because their book says so..Well, guess what? The other book says the same thing...that alone should convince people that religion is garbage.

The local Books-A-Million has christian literature on a separate shelf from other religious literature thus avoiding any cross contamination or spontaneous combustion due to the proximity of the conflicting deities.  

Glad you enjoyed it.

Your post gave me a smile John.  Thanks.  

I've not noticed how my stores handle it, as I stay as far away from anything religious as I can.  I guess I'm afraid of my body spontaneously combusting.


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