I went to Barnes and Noble to look for some books. As I was walking down the isles I noticed the fiction section, good selection.  I then walked over to the the bibles and scratched my head and thought, hey, shouldn't these be in the fiction section?  So I took one and put in in the fiction section and walked off laughing. Had I more time I would have put more.  Tee hee

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You are welcome 

"On Bullshit" is actually apropos! Frankfurt distinguishes a lie, crafted to substitute a fiction for some particular truth, from bullshit, simulating knowledge and competence, and characterized by a "lack of connection to a concern with truth", an "indifference to how things really are".

(The full text is available through the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine.)

And specifically about religions, from Atheist Meme Base:

'Your BULL-SHIT is more BULL-SHIT than my BULL-SHIT' -- Christianity vs. Islam debate

Barnes and Noble really does make me smile too!

Funny thing, I used to believe in the Bible.


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