Howdy folks. My name is Cody. I've been lurking around for a few months, enjoying all of the stories and dialogues that go on here. I haven't really contributed anything to the discussions, but I finally have something I feel the need to share.

I was talking with my ma the other day about a bunch of old family photos she sent off to have restored, which she then posted on her facebook. One of these pictures was of myself and my cousin Monica. I was maybe 3 years old in the picture, and Monica was maybe a little over one at the time. Just a cute little picture of the two of us holding hands. What got me though, was a comment that another cousin of mine left about the picture. She said, "This reminds me of the time Cody started calling himself 'Scissorman', and cut up my mom's bible!"

I don't remember this happening at all, and maybe her memory is a little faulty, but I think I'll go ahead and lay claim to it. Anyway, thanks for reading. Maybe now that I've introduced myself, I'll pipe up a little more often. Cheers!

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That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing this story.
No problem! Thanks for reading.
That's funny. I guess you were born to be an atheist. lol

Supposedly, I drank a whole pina colada when I was 3. My mom had made it and left if sitting on the kitchen table while she went to answer the phone. She said I was giggling for an hour. I guess it doesn't take much alcohol to get a 3 year old drunk.
I'd think not!
Anyway,cutting up the bible is a great story!

This would be the photo in question. Pretty cute, eh?




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