It seems a new spammer contaminates our community two or three times a week lately.

I really feel stupid when I go to the trouble of welcoming them, before I see their spam posts on other members pages, as I did with Pascalina today. *banging head on wall*

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Very bot like these spammers!
Very bot like these spammers!

Actually, I would employ a two-phase approach to new members:

  1. WAIT ... and see what their activity is.
  2. One of the few smart things the buy-bull says: By their fruits shall you know them.

The wheat should separate itself from the chaff in fairly short order this way.

I appreciate you Ruth!  I also thank you for welcoming newcomers on the Nexus.

Thanks for welcoming me to the Nexus not too long ago.

I've caught more than a few myself around here - most of the time, they say they're from one place but list another place as their hometown (on the left side of the page). As soon as I see them (or even suspect them), they're turned in.


Yeah, I've been burned a time or two by them myself as well, especially the Nigerian 529 spammers (you know, send me money because I've got a government stash for you, etc.) - not in the sense of money but by welcoming them myself. Asking them to get a life, needless to say, is a waste of time and electrons.

I would like to point out that once we are made aware of the spammers they are instantly removed from Nexus. And for everyone that gets through we stop 50 (no exaggerating) from ever joining to begin with.


Remember, we are not omnipresent. We can't act unless we are informed. If you suspect a spammer, please use the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of every page.



And you'll do an awesome job, Richard!
ty brother richard. is that what report i]an issue means? ok

I'm now addicted to the bad opinion generator. Thanks!


“I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume should shock the religious sensibilities of anyone.”

 —Charles Darwin, on The Origin of Species, 1869


ruth  -


banging one's head against the wall is a perfectly logical act considering the circumstances.  if you get a concussion though, make sure to go to the doctor.  who knows you might have knocked some sense out of your head.   LOL     hey, it's late (1:30 am) what can you expect from me?  :]

what an intelligent person that was - my, my -  this wall is really hard. . .




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