I hate that I might reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton.

This is the first time in my life that I had. Presidential candidate practically have all of the policies I want. I first voted for Obama in 08 without really looking into it. Like two years ago I was reading about NY gerrymandering and it really struck a chord with me to vote locally. Most candidates I found didn't really match my philosophy.

But then this election cycle I really delved into all of the candidates. The more I looked into Hillary the more I didn't like. She was into fracking around the world, she does her bidding to her donors and the Clinton Foundation and she armed countries who donated to it while simultaneously saying she was anti-gun.

When Bernie came along, as a progressive liberal he was a dream. I was thinking to myself that even if he gets 1% done, it'll be more than Hillary would do in 4 years. When he started to gain momentum it felt great. Even with the mass media practically lying about Bernie, it didn't kill the true momentum.

I went to the rally it was euphoric! I felt like, perhaps naively, We're finally going to take back our country! I was feeling the Bern! In the absurd primary rules in NY, you had to be registered 6 months prior, even before Bernie had his first debate. I lucked out, even though I felt more like an independent, I was a registered Democrat. I did my due diligence, nothing was fishy, even got my pin. When he lost NY, I was disappointed, but not dismayed.

I think after feeling the Bern, I built a bit of a disdain for Hillary Clinton. I don't like what she stands for and she seems to say anything to get a vote. I was a borderline BernieorBust person, but there is no way, over my dead body, that I would vote for Trump. Even if it means to reluctantly vote for Hillary.

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How about the good old days when the slogan was maybe "a chicken in every pot." It brings to mind that some people were hungry and needed to eat. What if they were vegetarian or didn't like chicken? What if they were so poor they didn't even have a pot? This brings up a lot of serious questions. Could they have beef instead or just eat vegetables?

Then I like the people who run for office and say not to worry about the costs of a project because we will just get the money from Washington. It was my understanding that he died a long time ago.

Selective outrage there on Ms. Clinton's emails. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell had used the same sort of system. Senior George W. Bush administration staffers used a private email domain on an RNC server. Jeb Bush used personal email on his own server when he was governor of Florida. Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and staffers of Chris Christie conducted official business over private email accounts.

Michael, if you knew more American history you would know that for wealthy folks America has always been socialist.

It has been made into a slogan: Privatize the Profits; Socialize the Costs.

What do you mean, Tom? I do know my Murican history. That mean old King wouldn't let those folks practice their liggion so they all came to Murica but the King threw some crooks in the boat with them. This last bunch went to Wall St.

One Michael knows American/Murican history. :)

Yup, externalize the risks and the costs, including pollution and adverse health effects.

Even within a narrower scope, a good example is the high number of Wal-Mart workers who still need public assistance.

Yeah GC, but internalizing the safety and benefits and externalizing the risks and costs takes the issue out of the political and puts it into the personal.

And the personal is sometimes not the political.

Mr. Pianko;

Socialism is not Communism.  Socialism is not Fascism.  The contemporary American Democratic Socialism advocated by Bernie has nothing to do with Marxism, rather it is a reflection of the Spirit of the American Constitution which begins with the essence of Democratic Socialism:  "WE THE PEOPLE".  

The Constitution does not begin with "Me the Individual" or "It the Corporation".

And tell me, If I sent a classified document to your email address, should YOU be indicted?  According to your logic, yes.

And if you found such a document in your personal email, which is not secure, wouldn't you delete it?  

While I generally disagree with Mr. Pianko, two observations fit here:

  1. If I had treated classified material Hillary's way during my Navy hitch, I would not have been walking around loose afterward.  That said, she is about as likely to get busted over the emails as Trump is for Trump U related fraud and RICO charges.  Neither one is qualified, but you go to election with the candidates you have.
  2. We the People have already made the federal and some state governments into our union, our mutual aid society, and our hall monitor.  That's about enough socialism for me, for now, until we figure out how to make those first steps work well.

You REALLY want to take back the US?  Don't forget the House and the Senate ... or have you forgotten who it is that's been blocking Obama at every turn for most of the past seven years?

And Obama never actually had that brief filibuster-proof Democratic supermajority in the Senate in practice, thanks to one senator being hospitalized and not voting.

I see Clinton as Nixon reincarnated.(Which is ironic because she got fired from one of her first jobs --the Watergate investigation)

She (and her handlers) strictly control the press access(she has not given a single press conference this year), she will not take uncontrolled questions, keeps changing her story when she gets caught in a lie. Donald and Bernie have really nutty ideas but they're the actual candidate, much less filtered by party hacks.

Think of it this way: there is NO WAY that your vote will change the election. It just won't. So go ahead and say 'none of the above' by voting elsewhere, Green, Libertarian (which I'm doing) or whatever your preference.




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