I hate that I might reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton.

This is the first time in my life that I had. Presidential candidate practically have all of the policies I want. I first voted for Obama in 08 without really looking into it. Like two years ago I was reading about NY gerrymandering and it really struck a chord with me to vote locally. Most candidates I found didn't really match my philosophy.

But then this election cycle I really delved into all of the candidates. The more I looked into Hillary the more I didn't like. She was into fracking around the world, she does her bidding to her donors and the Clinton Foundation and she armed countries who donated to it while simultaneously saying she was anti-gun.

When Bernie came along, as a progressive liberal he was a dream. I was thinking to myself that even if he gets 1% done, it'll be more than Hillary would do in 4 years. When he started to gain momentum it felt great. Even with the mass media practically lying about Bernie, it didn't kill the true momentum.

I went to the rally it was euphoric! I felt like, perhaps naively, We're finally going to take back our country! I was feeling the Bern! In the absurd primary rules in NY, you had to be registered 6 months prior, even before Bernie had his first debate. I lucked out, even though I felt more like an independent, I was a registered Democrat. I did my due diligence, nothing was fishy, even got my pin. When he lost NY, I was disappointed, but not dismayed.

I think after feeling the Bern, I built a bit of a disdain for Hillary Clinton. I don't like what she stands for and she seems to say anything to get a vote. I was a borderline BernieorBust person, but there is no way, over my dead body, that I would vote for Trump. Even if it means to reluctantly vote for Hillary.

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Judicial nominations can do great good or great harm for many decades after a president leaves office. That's the main reason I too will vote for Clinton over any Republican.

Vote Democratic - The future of the Supreme Court depends on it

So true, GC.

Today's SCOTUS is not the first one to function as a partisan super-legislature.

Jennifer, you identified a problem I have.

The Democratic and Republican parties will remain about equally corrupt, and new third parties will become corrupt, until we amend the Constitution to provide for a national direct initiative and referendum.

I'm for Sanders, but if he's elected Congress will remain corrupt.

Bill Clinton dreams of being remembered as part of America's first husband-and-wife presidency.

The John Adams family had a father-and-son presidency, and if Donald Trump hadn't driven Jeb Bush out of the contest the George H. W. Bush family might have had a father-and-two-sons presidency.

I agree with your last statements very well. It makes you wonder what to do. This time around it is all so bizarre that I contemplate the idea of just staying home.

Please everybody, don't stay home.  The GOP wins when voter turnout is low, which is why so many states have opted for voter ID laws.

I'm for Bernie, too, but we have a two party system.  A vote for Hillary is a vote against Trump.  No vote is a vote FOR Trump.  Like Hillary or don't like her, she can't possibly be as bad a president as Trump.


Nicely summarized.  I'd love to vote for Bernie in November, but it appears the cards were professionally stacked over a year ago to make that impossible.

Ditto, Craig.

No vote is a vote FOR Trump.


Hillary had top secret classified information on a private server in her living room, in violation of federal law. She will be indicted. She is not qualified to be comander in chief of the united states armed forces. She did a bad job as secretary of state. Bernard sanders is a socialist, and if you don't understand why socialism is evil or worse, look at the history of certain communist and former communist countries. You probably falsely believe Donald Trump is racist because he wants to inhibit just any diseased or mooching immigrant from illegally runnung into this country.
You are thinking of the old rigid socialism of Soviet Union. Bernie's version is more modeled after Denmark which has the highest pay-per-capita in the world, you have 5 weeks paid vacation, they pay students for college and has the lowest poverty rates in the world. His plan is to snip the top 1% and tax Wall Street speculation. Instead we have a government that has legalized bribery. Of course he would have to battle a defiant Congress which is a bigger uphill battle.

I agree that Hillary Clinton is not a great choice for President. She has zero foresight was a bad SoS. She is not a leader.

But Denmark isn't AMERICA, the greatest nation in the world!!!!!!!!~!1! :)

Yeah that's one of the things that really bothers me...so many people thrive on buzzwords, they throw around short words and phrases as attacks without actually looking to see what the truth is. Eventually the words lose meaning and just become the equivalent of playground insults.




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