I have a cold, so naturally I'm getting some whacked out advice.

I can't take most cold medicine, so I end up treating my colds with hot toddies, throat lozenges, and lots of hot tea. Occasionally I might put some Vic's on my chest, but the mess is obnoxious so I generally avoid it unless it's really bad. For some reason when you have a cold, people seem to think that you need their home remedy advice and there have been some real doozies. But the other day I heard one that has to be the best one I have ever heard as far as getting a whatthefuck response from me. A friend of mine told me to put Vic's on the bottom of my feet, and then put on socks.

On the spot that's furthest away from where it might do any good, mind you. I just can't even.

So what have you heard to top that?

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I got a cold while taking many different allergy meds.  The allergy meds only helped a bit with my allergies.  But when I got a cold, I barely noticed it. 

The Vicks and socks thing is supposed to give you a good nights sleep, I hear.

Pour one capfull of hydrogen peroxide into each ear, one ear at a time. It will feel a little cold and it will "boil." When the boiling effect stops, tilt the head and drain that ear. No need to flush, but you could use a Q tip. Now do the other ear and go to bed for the night. You're done.

I use this for cold and flu.

I have used this method for removing earwax for years, but how could it possibly help with cold or flu?

Mostly, Dr. Clark, because we have 7 entries into our skulls and the ears are 2 of them. Germs enter here. We have been taught that they enter through nose and mouth only. This is not true.Hydrogen peroxide kills germs.

Whatever germs enter the ear canal ought to be prevented from entering the middle and inner ear and throat by the eardrum—unless your eardrums are perforated. Hydrogen peroxide in the ears would seem to kill only germs in the ear canal.

I really don't know. I got the remedy from Dr. Joseph Mercola's site and it seems to work for me. Been using it a fw years now.

I don't think there is any way that hydrogen peroxide in your ears could do anything for a cold.  Dr. Mercola's site sells a lot of quack remedies, and that would be one of them. 

If the hydrogen peroxide actually got onto the delicate mucous membranes in your nose, it would probably damage them. 

Perhaps there are antiviral substances that one might use in nasal irrigation to help get rid of a cold.  But I've never heard of any. 

One has to be very careful about what's used for nasal irrigation.  People have died from nasal irrigation because they used water that contained an amoeba that gets into the brain.  

I tried a neti pot thing once. Once. There's nothing quite so disconcerting as having water go in one nostril and come pouring out the other. Plus it did nothing for my clogged sinuses. After that I read about the dangers of using tap water for this sort of thing and got rid of it.

I've tried this for swimmer's ear on occasion, but not really crazy about it. It leaves me really dizzy-probably from the air pressure differences. I've dipped a qtip in the peroxide and rubbed it around just inside the ear canal.

I've heard this many times.  Have never been able to bring myself to try it.

When I think I'm getting a cold, I immediately reach for the zinc and the B/C complex vitamins.  It may not completely knock down a cold, but I've found it mitigates it pretty effectively.

Everyone seems to have a home remedy for cold or flu. Some are truly ridiculous and based only on superstition. One reason I don't believe in a religion is lack of any credible evidence. Many cold and flu remedies have poor or no evidence to support their claims either. Here is a link to Science Based Medicine discussing most of the common cold treatments we are familiar with in the US. http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/you-cant-beat-the-common-cold-a...
Applying Vicks to the feet is mentioned briefly, as is Zinc and many others. Critiques of Dr Mercola's CAM can also be found here.




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