A friend has just started importing very high output LED lighting panels to light the interiors of factories etc.

I am thinking it would be fun to put a couple of these in the entrance to my home with a smoke machine and stereo system.

When god bothering fundies call to sell religion turn on the lights smoke and some heavenly music and open the door welcoming them home and saying "You took a long time but you finally found me !"

I get the feeling they would never bother coming back to annoy me again ;-)

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Love the idea. I suspect, though, that some might just believe you! "What next, Boss?" they'd ask.
"Go home Cash in all your savings sell your house and bring the money to me. Spread the word amongst the faithful ! now go and be quick about it !"

" Oh by the way bring back your 18 year old virgin women that I may bless them "
I like it, but it seems like an awfully large expense.
I prefer to scream "INFIDELS!" and then irrationally babble on about them insulting the prophet Muhammed, with a few Allah Akbars thrown in for effect.

That usually gets them running.


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