Ok, so on youtube there are a variety of videos on some pro-Christian channels that encompass interviews of Christians who apparently were sinners, did not go to church, drank alcohol, masturbated, etc and they talk about how they had Near Death Experiences or visions while they were sleeping where they visited hell. Some describe hell as flames with many demons, and very loud screams, others describe it as a dark quiet place without God. One experience kind of frightened me. It was about an elderly priest who used to be a firefighter when he was younger. He states that he took drugs often, smoked weed, drank, etc. He said he went to Sunday school for 12 years growing up, but that he never read the bible. Then he said his parents were not happy that he drank/ took drugs, so he stopped. One day, he was at work and somehow got electrocuted, and then he said he could still see clearly, suddenly, he saw utter darkness, and had a life review showing all of his sins ever committed. Then he saw demons, fires, called out to God, and His right hand came and pulled him out of the fire. Suddenly he was back at work and people came running as they heard him screaming. Then, he went to the hospital, and decided that he knew that hell was real. What do you think could be an explanation of this experience? Do these so called "visions" give any of you atheists chills in case it is right?

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What do I think the explanation for these things are? GUILT comes to mind first. The whole thing is all about guilt and manipulation. Religion works that way. We are presented with people of the bible as living a simply holy life, but it's all not true. Religion brings in the thought police and you convict yourself after once having been convinced that it must be true.

Now imagine hell. In the bible we get that idea from Revelation and the talk of a lake of fire where Satan and the demons are burned forever along with the wicked. How does something burn forever? This idea is taught by hellfire preachers who want to use your guilt and gullibility to bring you into a blubbering mess of tears for Jesus. Oh, I am so sorry, Jesus. Sorry about what? Outside of Revelation we see little of this nonsense.

Jesus cast the demons out of a man and they went into some pigs who immediately drowned themselves. Those demons were not in hell were they? Scriptures also saying that the Devil is running around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Apparently he isn't in hell and neither are those demons. The hell that you fear is an empty place. There's nobody there. The wise preacher says "no, not yet" and he goes back into Revelation to tel you how it will be at a future time.

Man by his deeds real and imagined is manipulated through guilt and gullibility into the realms of a place called hell, then he blubbers like a baby and says "Oh, Jesus, I am so sorry." Again we ask "sorry for what?" In the mind and in near death many claim they have been here and seen this and it is all REAL. Congratulations. You are now at the place religion wants you to be. Maybe they can use you.

Remember the entire time that an NDE means nothing and "near death" is not real death. Also remember that no man has survived death and that every man must die for himself. Jesus only died because someone nailed him to a cross. He cannot be the scapegoat that all sin was put upon and then they ran that goat off into the wilderness. Suddenly we see Jesus dying in our place and taking our sins.

In the real world things just do not work that way.

Those hallucinations do not give me chills.  Our powerful brains can conjure up all manner of false visions if we desire them enough.  They can also conjure up false visions when deprived of oxygen or influenced by drugs.

When I first started seriously questioning the religion I was indoctrinated into as a child, I had a little concern that maybe I was being deceived by satan, because that's what I was brainwashed to believe.  However, it didn't take me long to see the lack of evidence for religion and the large amount of evidence against religion to the extent that I knew religion was all man-made.

That was 20 years ago, and I've never had any worries since.   

I've never had any visions because I've never used drugs, never been deprived of oxygen, and I've never desired visions.  I value truth too much.

No chills. You said he did drugs, he was electrocuted! By what mechanism would one see hell at the time of electrocution?




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