On the BZPower forums, a BIONICLE/LEGO forum, I posted this in my profile info:
"I am an Atheist. Religion is a bane on our society, and encourages violence, restricted thought, bigotry, racism, homophobia, child indoctrination, pedophilia, child militias, polygamy, incest, abuse, slavery, genocide, ####(rape, they have a word filter), murder, and creationism should not be taught in schools. "

Then Lhikan636 Toa of Penguins says:
"religion is nothing what you say. i just wanted to point that out :)

Since the board has a no discussion of religion/politics I PMed him.

I was going to reply, then this:

Major butthurt was caused. Not surprised if Lhikan636 Toa of Christfags becomes an Hero.

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I question your use of the word that comes before "becomes" in your post.  You might be alienating a potential ally.  The trick is making sure that every word written is written deliberately, and no unintended meaning comes out by accident.  I do like the directness of your profile.

This post reeks of ebaums world.

Mr. Lhikan reeked of passive aggressiveness.


You clearly spend too much time on 4chan. That is great for 4channers, but discussing an Hero and X-fags, and other 4chan memes on forums intended for other audiences than immature adolescents...yeah, no.

UPDATE: Got permabanned after Mr. L bawwed to the admins. They say you can view posts, but can't do anything. They got the second part right. Can't even view the forums.


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