"I Have Faith" <=> "I Don't Have Knowledge and Prefer To Remain Ignorant!"

Are you getting very tired of idiots who think Faith means something useful or even good?

I know patience is wearing thin with such idiots, some even call themselves agnostics and atheists, so it doesn't always apply to theists, though they are definitely the main contenders for this idiotic excuse for ignorance.

As Peter Boghossian has stated: "Faith is pretending to know things you don't know." 

and "Belief without evidence."

Though in my experience, Peter's first statement is the most common I have come across.

Those using the term that I encounter, use it as a badge on honour and essentially state that because of Faith, they need not go any deeper into a particular source of knowledge.

Essentially they use 'Faith' to either replace 'Knowledge' or as an antidote to 'Knowledge'.

Primarily they use it as an excuse for having no Knowledge and a reason not to bother to gain Knowledge.

Really 'FAITH' is an excuse to remain TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD!

I've added some Christian Apologetic explanations of why they think Faith and Reason are both Rational. But, if you view these Rationally, you should be able to spot the many, many Fallacies.

Essentially, only proving that Apologetics is Fallacious to the Extreme.

Firstly from Dr. Gerard Verschuuren, Please Let Me Know If You Spot The Fallacies?

Here is John Lennox giving his reason why he considers Faith to be as Rational as Reason,, notice he is calling Trust as Faith, which when a scientist describes something they trust in, they use 'Trust' and not Faith, as Faith is "Pretending To Know Something You Don't Know" and Trust is Trust, not Faith. Scientists Trust a procedure is going to be successful, but they don't have Faith a procedure is going to be successful. But this is only one problem with Lennox's dialog. The Fallacies run Thick from his mouth as well:

Can You Spot The Fallacies?

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Very well said, George.

Saying that you have to have faith is tantamount to saying you have to be gullible.  Sorry, no sale!

Faith is associated with belief, not knowledge.

Knowledge trumps belief for the majority of humans.

Thus Knowledge can defeat Faith for every rational person.

Even Plato/Aristotle knew that if belief is beaten by knowledge, then that belief cannot return.

Like if we learn that eating an apple a day will not make you immune to sickness, then the old saying we may have believed as a child: "Eating an apple a day, keeps the doctor away", will never be believed again.

So faith is lost if knowledge defeats it.

This is why religions fear knowledge more than anything else.

Especially groups like ISIS who have acknowledge this in their endeavours to destroy learning centres and anything that pertains to knowledge that may possibly debunk Islam.

That is why they want us to return to the 7th Century CE.

Where humans were knowledge poor, but faith rich.

I like the short but pertinent comment from House in this clip.

Faith is believing what you know ain't so.
-- Mark Twain

Hmm, Loren, that seems like deliberate deception.

I like Neil deGrasse Tyson's comments on how "Faith and Reason are irreconcilable.

The day you stop looking because you’re content that god did it, I don’t need you in the lab.  You are useless on the frontier of understanding the nature of the world.
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson

So very true: 

Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace made the statement that if Newton had not given up and turned to god as an explanation for the difficulties he had in explaining the wiggles in planetary orbits and instead continued trying to find a rational scientific explanation, he himself (Laplace) would have had nothing to discover.

So he admired Newton, but considered Newton a bit of a loser for turning to god, instead of rational enquiry or simply saying "I Don't Know" which is still more rational than attributing it to god.

Laplace has been referred to by many historians as a deist, but Napoleon reported that when he asked Laplace about god, Laplace claimed to be an atheist.

There has often been a quote circulated about Laplace that when Napoleon asked him why he did not attribute anything to god, like Newton, he replied "I have no need for that hypothesis."  but, this quote may have been interpolated and cannot be considered as truthful.

But, nevertheless, it does show that Newton was short sighted and essentially lazy in throwing in the towel when calculations became difficult, and asserting god is involved.  Had he persevered, he may have developed the theories and transforms that Laplace came up with and solved the interplanetary forces issue.


Faith is a deliberate deception.

Yes Michael, it certainly appears that way.

To be fair, I will give you the Catholic side of why they consider Faith to be rational.

The Fallacies run thick here, Friar Robert Barron is considered a leading Catholic Apologist, but he proves in this vlog to be just another fallacious liar, like all apologists have achieved so far.

I'm disappointed in Christian apologetics and apologists, so far all I have found is fallacies and outright lies.

Fr. Robert Barron is doing both in this clip: Can You Spot The Fallacies and Lies?

Surrender reason. Great idea. If there isn't any evidence for the illuminate space aliens taking over the world, then just believe it anyway! Buy a plot of land out in the woods and devote your life to building a bunker in case the apocalypse comes in 2025.




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