"I Have Faith" <=> "I Don't Have Knowledge and Prefer To Remain Ignorant!"

Are you getting very tired of idiots who think Faith means something useful or even good?

I know patience is wearing thin with such idiots, some even call themselves agnostics and atheists, so it doesn't always apply to theists, though they are definitely the main contenders for this idiotic excuse for ignorance.

As Peter Boghossian has stated: "Faith is pretending to know things you don't know." 

and "Belief without evidence."

Though in my experience, Peter's first statement is the most common I have come across.

Those using the term that I encounter, use it as a badge on honour and essentially state that because of Faith, they need not go any deeper into a particular source of knowledge.

Essentially they use 'Faith' to either replace 'Knowledge' or as an antidote to 'Knowledge'.

Primarily they use it as an excuse for having no Knowledge and a reason not to bother to gain Knowledge.

Really 'FAITH' is an excuse to remain TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD!

I've added some Christian Apologetic explanations of why they think Faith and Reason are both Rational. But, if you view these Rationally, you should be able to spot the many, many Fallacies.

Essentially, only proving that Apologetics is Fallacious to the Extreme.

Firstly from Dr. Gerard Verschuuren, Please Let Me Know If You Spot The Fallacies?

Here is John Lennox giving his reason why he considers Faith to be as Rational as Reason,, notice he is calling Trust as Faith, which when a scientist describes something they trust in, they use 'Trust' and not Faith, as Faith is "Pretending To Know Something You Don't Know" and Trust is Trust, not Faith. Scientists Trust a procedure is going to be successful, but they don't have Faith a procedure is going to be successful. But this is only one problem with Lennox's dialog. The Fallacies run Thick from his mouth as well:

Can You Spot The Fallacies?

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Here is a debate about Faith, Reason and Science between two professors.

John Lennox, delusional professor of mathematics, but claims to know about god as if he was a theologian.

Funny how nitwits Pretend To Know Things They Don't (Faith) Lennox's arguments are entirely Irrational.

against Prof. Peter Atkins (Chemistry) who gives completely rational arguments.

Peter also debunks many of Lennox's fallacies and fallacious thinking.

Some of those fallacies exist in his vlog in the beginning of this blog.

The only true religion is John Lennox's religion. All those other religions are blind faith.

LOL Patricia :-D~

I have had to become a chocolate cake apostate!


My dog thinks he's god, but that could simply be a dyslexic perception of him.

An appropriate hymn for the first one:

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee,
Praise the strength of coffee.
Early in the morn we rise with thoughts of only thee.
Served fresh or reheated,
Dark by thee defeated,
Brewed black by perk or drip or instantly.

Though all else we scoff, we
Come to church for coffee.
If we're late to congregate, we come in time for thee.
Coffee our one ritual,

Drinking it habitual,
Brewed black by perk or drip or instantly.

Coffee the communion
Of our Uni-Union,
Symbol of our sacred ground, our one necessity.
Feel the holy power
At our coffee hour,
Brewed black by perk or drip or instantly.

(To the tune of "Holy, holy, holy"; from Unitarian minister Christopher Raible's collection of parodies, Hymns for the Cerebration of Strife. I've heard it said that coffee hour is the closest thing Unitarians have to communion.)

Coffee put my daughter through uni, twice.

Her brain doesn't function without it.


Amen to the almighty caffeine god. Think I'll have another pot, I mean cup.

Here is a Catholic Centre Of Philosophy,

claim that Faith is Rational.

She makes the old Equivocation Fallacy of obfuscating the meaning of Faith.

She is calling 'Trust' as 'Faith' and then trying to equate this with 'Faith' in god.

She is also trying to claim that evidence supports Faith, which is another falsehood, because if we have evidence supporting faith, we no longer have faith, but Knowledge.

Remember: Faith is belief without evidence, or pretence at knowing something they don't know.

Because: If you have belief with evidence, or really knowing something, you have knowledge. 

So saying that there is Evidence For Faith, makes it Knowledge, thus she is confounding the meaning of 'Faith' and making it an Equivocation Fallacy.

She is also attempting to move the definitions away from the most accepted and real definitions.

So she is attempting a Moving The Goal Post (shifting sands) Fallacy by shifting the meaning of 'Faith' into a form that detractors cannot attack, so changing the game.

If she can push the meaning of faith into verifiable trust, then faith cannot be attacked as irrational. 

So the whole clip is an attempt at being deceptively shifty, but essentially it is all idiotic and nothing but Lies.  Typical of religious apologetic nonsense.

Especially Catholic Apologetics, which is definitely nothing else but Lies.

So the entire clip is one big Equivocation (confused or obfuscated meaning) Fallacy!

A video that makes the Centre Of Philosophy, appear more appropriately named Centre Of Lies and Obfuscation.

Cognitive Dissonance. Religion is mental illness.

Thanks Rock,

Yes, I've been arguing with such Christurds which no matter what you give as evidence against their irrationality, it only seems to make them more determined to keep their cognitive bias, so Cognitive Dissonance fits their state admirably.

From viewing debates and writings of religious apologists.

There are two main reasons for their persistence in telling lies.

1: Cognitive Dissonance:  They cannot let reality ruin their illusion!

Rock had already pointed this out yesterday in this thread.

2 Paycheck security: They cannot let reality ruin their easy living of telling lies for their church or cult:

Ray comfort and Ken Ham easily fit here, as they have been caught out deliberately telling lies as their ministry is for no other purpose but to get rich which they are both successful at.

These sum up almost all religious apologists.




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