"I Have Faith" <=> "I Don't Have Knowledge and Prefer To Remain Ignorant!"

Are you getting very tired of idiots who think Faith means something useful or even good?

I know patience is wearing thin with such idiots, some even call themselves agnostics and atheists, so it doesn't always apply to theists, though they are definitely the main contenders for this idiotic excuse for ignorance.

As Peter Boghossian has stated: "Faith is pretending to know things you don't know." 

and "Belief without evidence."

Though in my experience, Peter's first statement is the most common I have come across.

Those using the term that I encounter, use it as a badge on honour and essentially state that because of Faith, they need not go any deeper into a particular source of knowledge.

Essentially they use 'Faith' to either replace 'Knowledge' or as an antidote to 'Knowledge'.

Primarily they use it as an excuse for having no Knowledge and a reason not to bother to gain Knowledge.

Really 'FAITH' is an excuse to remain TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD!

I've added some Christian Apologetic explanations of why they think Faith and Reason are both Rational. But, if you view these Rationally, you should be able to spot the many, many Fallacies.

Essentially, only proving that Apologetics is Fallacious to the Extreme.

Firstly from Dr. Gerard Verschuuren, Please Let Me Know If You Spot The Fallacies?

Here is John Lennox giving his reason why he considers Faith to be as Rational as Reason,, notice he is calling Trust as Faith, which when a scientist describes something they trust in, they use 'Trust' and not Faith, as Faith is "Pretending To Know Something You Don't Know" and Trust is Trust, not Faith. Scientists Trust a procedure is going to be successful, but they don't have Faith a procedure is going to be successful. But this is only one problem with Lennox's dialog. The Fallacies run Thick from his mouth as well:

Can You Spot The Fallacies?

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So true Patricia, 

Faith as I've already posted.

Miracle, suspending the laws of physics, which if done even for a second, would destroy all life on our planet, possibly the entire universe.

As miracles 10,000 years ago are common occurrences today.

It is almost impossible to distinguish between a miracle today and what may be achieved in the future through science.

Today, healing an amputee would be a miracle (something god cannot achieve) where maybe in 100 years time, amputees will be healed through stem cell research.


Ahhh, The Human Genome Project!

I've had an attitude problem about miracles for a while, Patricia.  As for faith, well, I represent myself as a pragmatist, and I've yet to see a situation where faith has any working functionality, so I suspect you can deduce what I think about faith!

I respond "Faith" like I do to assertions of entrenched ignorance and plodding stupidity masqueraded as a virtue.

I don't hear miracle much. Fortunately. How narcissistic of people to think they are so special, that the designer of the universe would suspend laws of nature to meet their little wants and needs, but allow babies and children to wash away in Tsunamis by the thousands, be given up to rape and murder by Islamic thugs, or die from the torture of untreatable infections and cancers.

Indeed, faith is pretending to know things you do not know. In fact, it involves things you cannot know, but of course, god can do anything. That's why he helped me find my car keys while millions of children starved to death or died of diseases. But, god works in hysterical ways. Oh, uhh mystical ways. All of this is in his plan.

Just look at the Lord's Prayer. Over 2000 years now of praying it word for word like the biblical model and nothing has changed at all. God's will is not done on earth just like it is in heaven. In fact, it appears that god's will is not done at all.

Yet, somebody in church somewhere will have the "tinglies" and feel like the hair is standing up on their neck as they shout and jump up and down, so we know god is still up there.

Yes Michael, it was extremely important for the universe that you found your car keys!

I like the hit on Geisler and Turek's."I don't have enough Faith to be an Atheist". (thanks to a correction from Loren).

Translated by using the following definition for Atheist:" A person who doesn't pretend to know things they don't know about a god". 

I don't have enough, pretending to know what I don't know, to be, a person who doesn't pretend to know what they don't know about a god.

It really doesn't make any sense at all.

Atheist was referred to by Lawrence Krauss as "Common Sense"

There is no "Common Sense" there.

So what they is really saying is that they don't have enough common sense to be atheists.

One problem, DD: I Don't Have Enough Faith... wasn't Strobel's; it was Geisler and Turek's.

Worthy of note: A|N's own Steve Shives tore that book a new one in his series, "An Atheist Reads."

Thanks Loren for correcting me, I've only seen Strobel use in his television and youtube appearances/debates so I've never seen the book.

Strobel uses it often and so does Eric Hovind and his father Kent.

I guess I had better change it then.

Even when I was a believer, I tried and tried to understand why faith was needed, and couldn't.  Now I can see how incredibly stupid it is.

What makes it worse is that the resurrected Jesus was seen by over 500 people at one time according to the great know it all, Paul, but today you have to have "faith" to see him. Even so, you might not see him at all.

Ahh yes. I hate the whole "gotta have faith" thing. So many christians think because of this they're being loyal servants of their savior and that they have a leg up. That they're in a better position and a better person for their faith then us "confused, angry and unhappy" atheists. 

What I also hate is the comparison of faith to atheism. "Oh you're also using faith. How can you be so certain? You have just as much blind faith". Uhhh no. I have educated beliefs and there's a huge difference. I don't have faith that my car's seatbelt will work. I have a good reason to believe it will due to history and extensive crash tests. I don't have faith that my doctor can perform a certain surgery. I have a good reason to believe in his/her credentials and that said procedure has been successfully performed plenty of times. I don't blindly believe science, I am educated and can follow the derivations (most of the time) or I at least trust the source. Some rando on the street? Nope, not gonna believe that. My professor with a PhD and years of experience? Yes I am more inclined to believe that person. Not on faith, but on reasonable education. And no, I don't pretend to know everything, I either have an educated opinion or I don't. No faith in some mystery. I just won't make a decision in whatever it may be. Oh, and stop with the god of the gaps crap. 




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