So I'm 14 and was (am) raised as a lutheran. About 2 years ago I realized that it's all a bunch of crap, and i've been reading around the internet about atheism. I now think of myself as an atheist, but I don't know how to tell my parents. I'm currently going through confirmation, which is really ironic that I'm going to have to "confirm" my "belief." I don't know if I should wait until after I'm "confirmed", or just suck it up and come out now. I still have about 1 year until I'm done with confirmation. Also, my mom's friend's family is very religious, and we see them a lot and I don't know what they'd think if I came out. I know my parents aren't super serious about religion, but they make me go to confirmation every wednesday because "they believe having a strong faith is important." When I do come out and tell them, I don't even know how I would bring it up, or what I would say. It's not like I can just go up and say, "Hey guys guess what turns out I'm an athiest!" I obviously need some help here with this.

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It seems to me that you have thought this through, enough to join an Athiest forum- which many adults that are nonthiests would not go so far as to do. And your parents seem fairly level headed as well. I'm 26 with much less leveled parents and extended family from Austria and Peru that are extremely catholic. I began having these same conversations with my family around 14, and to this day it is an ongoing debate. However, honesty really is the best policy in any situation I believe. And it seems disrespectful to the Christian faith to be "confirmined" into it if you truly believe you do not share that belief. I have never met you and obviously know little about you, but I take you and your problem seriously because of how far you have gone in your search to find like minded individuals and how well you articulate your fears. I would hope that if you approach your parents the same way you have us their reaction would be similar to mine. Perhaps writing your feelings or even showing them these posts would be an easier way to start a dialog with them. Good Luck!

I was a couple years older than you when my parents started to realize I was asking questions that showed a lack of faith. >.> It upset them a lot. But really, all you can do is let them get used to it over time. As years pass and your "phase" doesn't end, they start accepting it whether or not they want to.


I'm 24 now, and my parents still hate when I mention something that reminds them I won't be in heaven with them when I die. >.> Gotta love that.



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