I have the chance to help thousands of homeless people but I need your help

there is a church in California that is willing to bring me to their pulpit to try and convince me that there is a god. Nothing is set in stone as to the proceedures for this discussion. I hope to limit the conversation to 10 questions. This is not set in stone. All ideas will be explored.I hope to limit the questions to 10 pre-selected questions but this is not quarenteed. The only thing that has been agreed upon is that 50% of the proceeds will go to the homeless. They are willing to send a film crew to South Carolina and film the trip west. I would like to have an atheist film crew along for the ride. We have agreed to try and find 10 questions that can be agreeded upon in advance. The questions will be agreeded uponbut not the answers. I am in way above my head but can not refuse this invatation due to the number of people that will be helped. If there is any interest in following an atheist from the bible belt to california to debate an entire church over the existance of god please let me know. I would prefer not to go this alone but will if needed.I feel like there might bge a documentory in this excursion. Any suggestions and aid will be welcomed. Please respond to this blog or to my email address at stumpparrish@charter.net help LOL.

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Hi Stump,

Great thing you are doing. :-) One query though....aren't you afraid that they might actually succeed in producing an argument that you haven't thought of, that with prayer and divine intervention they might actually succeed in converting you to a deep and life changing love of Christ?

Just kidding, LOL.

A few weeks ago I was in conversation with a school scripture teacher and asked her why, if God made the Earth for us, did he spend 160 million years (during which time the planet was already capable of supporting us) instead populating the Earth with a changing array of dinosaurs of all things. She smiled vacuously, thought for a moment and said something like "Well, dinosaurs are pretty cool. I expect he wasn't in a hurry and was interested in them, they are awfully interesting". I tell you this to just underscore the fact that you have already accepted, that you will not be able to convince the congregation of anything at all.

However, it says a lot about your personal morality that you are willing to enter into a debate you cannot hope to win in order purely to benefit your fellow man. If you can get *that* message across you might at least convince a few of the congregation that atheists aren't by definition immoral.

Best of luck,
I was going to suggest the same thing, let your position be known right away in your speech (as I'm sure they will allow you one) that you are there not to win an argument or change any ones beliefs but you could not turn down an opportunity to help so many people and still live with yourself. This position would be more likely to open their eyes to atheism than any answer you give to their questions.

Good luck!
I agree, If I can change anyone's perspective of atheism in the slightest way, I will have accomplished the only thing I might with this church. I am sure this church has one goal in mind and that is to save me from myself. My only goal is to help somone in a way that has never presented itself to me proir to this. Just by getting there I will be well on my way to doing some good.
This thought is showing up again and again and it is sinking in. This is an oppurtunity to improve the perception of atheism from with in the church. This is something that I know I can do. That will require me to tone down my usually stubborn stance on most issues. The last thing I need to do is leave a sour taste in the mouths of this group of christians. Thanks to everyone who has suggested this. I am beginning to develop some obtainable goals and that should lead to plan of action. I will also have the opurtunity to meet with some very important people in the medicinal marijuana and the hemp activist's community. This is another chance to accomplish something positive that will come from this. peace everyone and thanks again.
Stump Parrish, check out this youtube channel. It is about a TV station in Austin Tx. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAtheistExperience

He answers questions on his show and has some very good points. Could be another resource for you.
Speaking of The Atheist Experience, the members of the Atheist Community of Austin run a website called www.ironchariots.org, which is Wikipedia-style site designed to refute apologetic arguments. Here is the counter-arguments to an email entitled "50 reasons to believe in God" (this might be helpful for you, Stump): http://wiki.ironchariots.org/index.php?title=50_reasons_to_believe_...
Have you ever seen the documentary "The Color of Fear" You should see it and then see if this might help you in your quest.

I am from S.C. and have been hiding out in CA. My family is all mad at me because I haven't been home in 15 years.

One of my sisters is an ordained minister.

I'm a pretty strong person but I can tell you I would not go into any town in S.C. and try to have a discussion with anyone there whether they are black or white. If you do take body guards and amo. Ha. The cops will arrest you. Talk about creativity and conflict. Wow! If I were going to make a documentary I would just visit the churches in S.C. film and let them think that you are one of them. Then chose one or two die hard Christians, a few atheists, and a few folk from various religions on "neutral turf" and then have your debate on film.

I think that you can google the "Color of Fear" or visit the Directors site: Lee Mun Wah/
www. stirfryseminars.com They are located in Berkely, CA. I just finished a training with him and he told me that I presumed a lot. Really embarrassing but his film is great and I am working on not presuming so much. I know that it's not on Netflix.

Let me know how it goes and good luck. A great and fair documentary could be more beneficial than the actual money. I'd rather the question not be to debate the existence of God but where do we go from here? Believe or don't believe but let's have mutual respect for one another and not use religion to destroy and brainwash.

I have come to believe that some people truly need religion to survive. I would never want to take that away from anyone. The blacks used religion and credit Jesus Christ for bringing them out of slavery. You will never break that bond unless you convince the African Americans that they freed themselves. I think that's a tall order.


Stacy, thanks for the fered back. I haven't seen the film "Color of Fear" but will track it down. check out www.goupstate.com/stroller/stump and see how respectful I have been with the local christians. You are right I can't go into an african american baptist church and convince them that god doesn't exist. I can go into any african american church of christian descent and convince them that atheists are for the most part a misunderstood group of do gooders. All we need is a little bit of input on the questions and we can come out of this looking great. Being a student of history I would have to say that most african americans don't feel like they freed themselves, I would also venture to say that most african americans don't feel totally free every minute of every day of their lives. I don't know many white folks, yellow folks, or red folks that feel truely free all the time, if they take the time to think about it. Christians will never be free of the need for jesus christ and it is not my place to change that. My job as I see it is to be a good little atheist and spread the joy. hehe. BTW what part of SC ?
I have an Idea. I don't know anything about making a documentary, but, I'm on the east coast and the church is on the west coast. Surely someone can come up with 12 reasons to stop between here. One question to ask all of america...what is it?
Hypothetically speaking, "How would your life change if you found out there is no God?"
Hey Stump,

What's happening with you and the "debate" these days? :-)


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