I'm a bit of an amateur musician; play bass for izzie voodoo. I also produce my own stuff, but haven't played any of it live for a decade or two, and i've never gigged solo. 

i've been offered a solo slot at a gig in February, and it's only when I started putting the set together that I realised just how anti-theistic most of my songs are. Not normally a problem here in secular Blighty, but it occurs that if any of my work colleagues turns up I may offend them; there's at least one Catholic and one Jehovah's Witness, and I don't know whether one or two others have equally banal delusions.  

To give you a flavour (if you're interested) ; older demos of one or two of the tracks I'll be doing are here. *

'God Spot' is the one I'm particularly concerned about; the latest version is a bit longer and a lot more specific about the evils of religion. Updated, improved cuts of 'Live and Uncut' and 'Treasured Possession' will also be on the set, as well as a song based on a Christopher Hitchens quote (not uploaded anywhere yet) and another, rather snarky song about the Rapture (also not uploaded).

Should I do the unexpurgated versions of my songs, or try to tone them down a bit? Interested in Nexus views.

*BTW, I have no illusions about my lack of musical ability, I just do it 'cos I like it. Not looking for praise, and not surprised if you think my music sucks!

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Sod the god squad! they don't consider the cringing of us Atheists every time they "bless" or "damn us".... I for one am of the opinion that censoring your thoughts about religion would be detrimental to your own feeling of integrity. GIVE EM HELL! (excuse the phrase!")




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