If anyone on here has noticed any drastic changes in my profile or if anyone on here noticed that I have left groups, it's nothing personal on anyone.  I did not do this because I hate anyone on here or their groups.


I need to explain something right now.

 Tonight, I got extremely upset (to the point of tears!) because someone on here (not naming names) has questioned my right to be on this site, *(after I have been on here, almost a year!*) sharing about myself INTIMATE things about myself becaue I thought this was a safe place to be who I am finally.


But, I guess like any other place, there are ppl I can't either be right with or ppl w ho disagree with me.


Okay, I can deal with that.


Tonight, though, I also felt  judged very harshly by someone on here, for the way I wrote something on a group.  ( don't worry, it's none of my friends here on my profile)


Okay, I am kind of new to this atheist thing---I may not talk quite "right" or "smartly" or whatever, or be very sharp, but I did expect ppl on here to at least treat me with RESPECT.  In general, I have been.


But tonight, it took one person to be mean to me and now I feel like, hmmm...I wonder who else on here hates me so much?


I have been NOTHING but respectful toward ppl on here, welcoming them, sometimes, giving them support and sharing with them and sharing about myself.


A couple of very sweet ppl friended me, too.  That was so nice.


I do appreciate greatly all the positive feedback and supportive words that I DID receive on here.


However, if someone is going to castigate/lambaste me on here for writing the way I do, or judge me I don't know if I want to even be on this site anymore.  Especially if they do that in front of the whole group!  I was so humiliated!


I may rejoin some groups after I have calmed down.


Let this be a message on here to help each other please treat each other kindly.


debating and disagreements are okay with me.


NOT flaming or bashing or put down or judging!


Otherwise, to me, AN feels like ANOTHER place that I feel usafe, judged, and REJECTED, even if it IS a place where I feel I agree with certain beliefs or non-beliefs!


I think I would like some reassurance from some ppl who DO take me seriously and who DO believe that I am for real on here!  You may pm me or comment on my wall, as long as it's a kind, intelligent way to talking, not more judgement or put down.


That would help me want to stay here.


I like this site.


I like you all.







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I have MS which sometimes causes me to have slurred speech and many other speaking problems.  IRL, I sometimes get judged pretty harshly and have some mean things said to me because I can't always organize my thoughts as well as others.  It really hurts because having MS is not a choice and there's nothing I can do about it. 


I saw your post.  It was a simple case of using the wrong word.  Sometimes people jump to conclusions without asking for clarification.  Don't let it get you down or let it make you feel bad. 


I make these kinds of errors in real life all the time.  It does make a person want to curl up and hide when communicating is a challenge.  I used to be very extroverted and outgoing.  Now, I keep to myself and seldom even try to talk to people outside my family. 


What I am saying is, you are not alone in making communication errors and being judged harshly for it.  i hope the rest of your day goes better.  *hugs*

I am sorry to hear about this situation. I do hope that I did not say or do anything to add to your distress. My memory is seriously ducked. But if you are the person I am thinking of then I quite often find your posts particularly valuable, even if k don't always agree completely with you.

I am with you on finding the behavior of some posters at least somewhat appalling in their level of arrogance. On the other hand, this is the interweb, and that just is how people behave on this setting.
I am quite lame at understanding the motives of others. But I think people feel they have elevated their status if they denegrate others over issues of both significant and insignificant It is quite petty. But there it is. I know it can be upsetting. But it is not any reflection on you that someone else chooses to be petty.

It wasn't any of you that replied here that did anything.


I just wanted to make a point about safety (emotional safety; knowing we don't have to worry too much about being attacked on here)


Yes, okay, I made a small error in my writing and took responsibilty for it.


I apologized and explained my wording.


I just don't believe in punishing people for being human.


ty, everyone.





You bailed from all of your groups because of one person's comments???
Sorry....I mean who cares what anyone thinks about anything regarding our own lives! I'm surprised because you're an athiest, the one who left the herd.
I'm sorry too, Scott.

I stayed on the site didnt' I?

Come on already.

anway, when one person attacks me, I just wonder who else is attacking me and I dont feel safe being in or participating in groups.

It's just me.

I did not leave the herd!

When you said that, I felt like you were calling me some kind of copout.

I am not.

I am just trying to feel safe here and doing what i need to do.



I can't edit my last post, so I need to add something in this reply.


Scott, I said I would rejoin groups when I have calm ed down.


It doesn't help feeling as though soemone else is talking to me like I am copping out.




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