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Faith is a glass pillar, forged over thousands of years, such mastery has been put into its creation that it refracts light in beautiful ways, making it appear solid, but in reality it is paper thin, the smallest force; logic, reason, could easily destroy it.

But people fear that the glass pillar that lifts them so high, may break, so they build concrete walls of illogic, blindness (darkness may conceal, but light blinds forever) and thoughtlessness to protect this core of their existence.

They become sheep.

Logic and reason are marble pillars, beautiful, solid, and while they may be cold and hard, they will support any weight and hold up to even the strongest of forces.
Timmy - Internet.

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Timmy : "They become sheep."

He is correct ~ in Christianity, this position is exalted: "The 'Lord' is my shepherd - I shall not want. etc"

That's good, but there's no reason to over analyze intentional ignorance. I think Mark Twain said it best... "Faith is believing what you know ain't true."




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