I Just Had an Argument with Dan Gainor, Faux News commentator, on Twitter

-This entire thing was posted on Dailykos and then my blog, and now here. I'm still giggling to myself that it took place. I mean, I'm nobody, but I guess Gainor felt the need to respond to my tweets.-

I’m actually a little surprised that my lowly tweets were even noticed. I’ve only got 63 followers, basically nothing, yet somehow when I posted a comment about Dan Gainor’s recent opinion piecefor Foxnews.com he caught wind of it and responded. The argument continues… this is fun!

My original tweet:

F-Head Dan Gainor at Faux News says gov. workers making 100k/yr. are “fat cats”// Nevermind millionaire execs. http://bit.ly/7Em2O9

Subtle, huh? I know, I’m not much for playing nice.

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Click on the Full Post link above to see the entire conversation. This went on for about 30 minutes.




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