I've posted it here in case someone wants to play with them:

My Dear One,
I am rashida bahar(Alhaja),46 years old and I have lost my husband who worked with our kuwaith Embassy for 9 years before his death.Please i need you to help me to do some charity work with the money he left for me in one of the prime bank here in Ivory caost.The money is $6,500,000.00 and it is still in the bank. I promise to give you 25%.i need a muslem person to do the work for me,My husband relatives are not muslems thats why i contacted you.
Recently my doctor told me that i have only but 3 months to die,due to my cancer illness.Am also suffering from stroke.
Thanks you and may Allah bless you. reply me here for more information: (rashida_bahar67@yahoo.fr )
rashida bahar.

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Like I say, the best way to deal with these assholes is to waste their time with confused responses requesting further information from disposable email accounts. Its not something they can automate. Spam complaints are useless.
Yeah, replying to those things is epic fun.
Some of them you can string along for weeks. Act confused a lot and forget to reply to them for a couple days. They'll start getting more and more panicky about getting your bank account information as time goes by.
If they think they smell a sucker, they'll hang on to the very end trying to get it out of you. Which is what's such fun. It doesn't even take much of your time...but it wastes a lot of theirs. They have to constantly work to think of ways to talk you into the scam...All you have to do is reply with random nonsense.
The ones on the phone are just as much fun. I kept a guy that was trying to get my social security number/credit card number on the phone for almost 2 1/2 hours talking about all sorts of bullshit. Mostly playing up my southern accent and rambling about fishing, hunting, and Jesus,(None things I actually bother with.) without letting him get a word in. It was a slow day and I didn't have anything else to do.


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