I like this bloke, philosopher and preacher Ray Hagins, who preaches that Critical Thinking is a necessity.

Here is a preaching session of Ray Hagins who not only states the necessity of Critical Thinking, but also states that the Bible has no authority.

I like these sort of evangelical philosophers, trying to get his people out of the slave culture they keep falling mindlessly back into.

Though from my looking into his preaching, not all his comments are the result of well researched critical thinking, so he fails in that regard, such as making the Jesus does not exist claims, using Horus and Krishna that many atheists make, that are not that well informed.  

From my own research on the subject of the resurrection myth:

 It appears that the resurrection was likely a product of Roman interpolation, possibly to allow them to use Jesus for their favourite doctrine (from Mithraism) of atonement through sacrifice, but we have no real evidence of this, except that the first Christian manuscripts have no resurrection story.  That appears to have been added decades later by somebody and the Romans are a reasonable bet, since Constantine likely faked his conversion to Christianity for political reasons (no evidence of Christianity on his victory arch), but still felt the need to retain the atonement scenario common to his fellow Roman's tradition.  Since the Jews and Christians wouldn't celebrate Roman sacrifices (one of the reasons for them being persecuted) he made them celebrate a sacrifice of their own.  Ha Ha, but this is possible!  


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Religion deceives. Christianity asks you to allow Jesus to come into your heart while we know that organ has nothing to do with ideas or concepts. What Jesus comes into is the mind, and all of the ritual about the process seems about the same with other god figures before him.

It's also very plain that all of these ancient persons of the god myth did the same miracles. Raise the dead, walk on water, turn water into wine. The center of these ideas show what the desires of the god myth are. You can live forever, do impossible things, and have the best drink free. That's a pretty neat package.

This brings everything very close to our modern concept of super heros, of which there are many, many movies and comic books. Mankind has always daydreamed.

Yes Mike, the medical knowledge was extremely naive at the time, though some still think and speak along such lines today, even those who are qualified in medicine and should know better, such as Ben Carson.

Though I get the impression from Ray's preaching that he is actually an atheist.

He is delivering blows to Bible literalists and promoting critical thinking, which when combined, leads directly to atheism.

If those cheering and applauding Ray do exactly as he tells them to, in very little time, they too will be joining the ranks of atheists on A/N.  

This is why I support such preaching.

He's essentially on our side, while he teaches that Negroes should not be following the religion that white people used to enslave them in the first place and to be sceptical of all teachings.

These are the points many atheists memes have been trying to push to the African-American population. Yet they won't listen to it coming from Caucasian sources.

Here they are hearing the same messages (memes) from their own.

Which will hopefully have a far greater effect.

Remember that what were miracles a millennium ago are now becoming reality and science fiction today, may someday be reality.


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