It'll never see ink I'm sure. So tell me what you think.




From the symphonies shattered heart rises the melody,

The tired notes of the players drifting so melancholy,

Winthin this tune we must weave ouselves quite methodically,

the passion of the song makes lovers hearts incendiary.


The soft hues of resonance flows out as it is captured,

So that the dancers come together lifted in copious rapture,

It this dark room they are alone umoung many live structured,

Wishing for a place in the heart as thier minds rupture.


The dancers shy away from the nights lonely simplicity,

back and forth the drift the the marble floor in multiplicity,

Spinning gently together within the musics synchronicity,

Held together in hopeful silence of loves duplicity.


Smiling they drivel on in chorus about bland benevolence,

Leaving who they really are to a life without conscious,

Unkempt and sad thanks to sacrifices to thier own innocence,

More thespain now and being as a feind of malevolence.


With weak smiles and lowered eyes they have become a charlatan,

Passing thier former souls from behind a crimsion curtain,

Thier once founded glee and jubilation has now become uncertain,

And they cannot leave the party without being forever burdened.


In time this ensemble will grow weary of the droning Facade,

forever rapt in internment, inadequate, alone and afraid,

Suffering souls to pitiful impersonation and mock parade,

caught everlastingly, oblivious within loves endless masquerade.




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You cynic, Joe! Might want to run a spelling and punctuation check.

Meh Wurds ar hard

ok heres somthing a tad more light hearted. Mind my 3 am and hastily scribbled punctuation ;D.


Dreams in the sky.

Laying in the grass, I see the sky in all its wonderous glory.

With reds,purples, yellows and blues, it begins to tell a story.

That before my time there was another lying in the grass.

Who came to watch the clouds sing as they pass.

It's telling of these fellows of mine and thier amazing tales.

Of all their success and many of the mortal fails.

That these stories are the same as mine and also that of the others.

Of Lovers, enemies, mothers, fathers and sisters and brothers.

It also says that not long after my time of leaving.

Yet another shall come to watch these clouds while they are dreaming.

For this life is nothing more than a short endeavor.

but dreams in the sky, now those, those live on forever.



I love this one too .. You are very good!

This night, this time, the same old story

two lovers meet to renew the glory

Of life, entwining, becoming as one

Only to diverge in thought, each alone


And tho' reason and sanity might rule our days,

Tis' the nights that are honest, where our hearts truly stay. 


Tony you are a poet too. Cool. I wish I could write poetry. I love reading it.

Yeah, I've been doing it off and on since high school. I just like the way you "parse down the chaos", remove extraneous words, ideas, thoughts to come up with something almost minimalist to convey your emotional intention, like the composer Philip Glass, or artist Larry Bell.

I love minimalist work. Wish I had a knack for it. I tend to lean towards ebb and flow styles, such as Frost or Poe. If I do get crazy, I like to fool with word play. I'll post one like that, It's an underused style.

You are great Tony! And also you MonkeyPhilosopher.
You guys write good poetry.

Beautiful, Tony, faint echoes of 'As Time Goes By' from 'Casablanca', only deeper.

Very nice tony.

Oh I just love it! Beautiful!




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