i think i've posted about this before, but he just keeps the hits coming.  many thought he'd walk back his previous comments about Atheists and heaven, but here he is re-confirming his belief. 

this is on the heels of his #2 saying that priests marrying is on the table.  what's next, female clergy? 

even if you don't give a crap what the leader of the Catholic world thinks about anything, if you care about the problem of pedophilia this would be a welcome policy change. 

and as far as his outreach to non-believers - it can't hurt.

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ok, i know as Atheists we aren't supposed to "like" a religious leader.  but this guy is freaking awesome.  i think non-believers need to get behind him.  let's face it, since religion isn't going anywhere anytime soon, shouldn't we wish for it to be used for good.  and that's what Francis is doing.  

time to update the Popometer:

1.  he's sent out a survey for bishops to complete on social issues.  if it's reform you want best seek reinforcement with public opinion.  it's there, which shows he's both smart and politically shrewd.  

2.  he's talking about appointing a woman cardinal.  nuff said.  

3.  he kissed a tumor covered head.  

4.  Sarah Palin said he's talking like a liberal...but she'll wait to judge him.  

5.  bunches of small anecdotes of him stopping the Popemobile to hug an onlooker, donning a clown nose for some sort of "clown therapy" (????) for kids, and letting little kids hug his leg.  

i don't care if he's a man of God or not, he's freaking awesome.  the world is a better place for having him in it.  and IMO he's the most important public figure of my lifetime.  

although i still like Hitch better.  




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