Have you?  Will you?

We have mail in ballots in my state.  I just voted.  I hope you will too.

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Yes I did! Good post!

Took advantage of early voting. I always do. Avoid the rush.

Go Atheists!

I have the button!

I'm one of THEM
 and I vote.

The wife and I voted early.

Haven't voted yet, but I do have an absentee ballot. Reason: I'm going to be an election judge here in the city of St. Louis next week. Did it for the August primary here as well.

Really looking forward to it, it's bound to be a very busy day!

I have voted.  There are long lines already.  Hope they all vote for the president.  I am afraid there are not enough atheists vs the fundies to swing the vote but we can always hope.  I am worried about the northeast and the hurricane.  There might be downed trees and power lines that impact people getting to the polls.  These states usually vote blue so hope they vote early.

I recently moved from another state and stupidly waited until the last moment to try to register to vote.  No dice -- the process has become much harder than I remember it.  Birth certificate (I was born 50 miles from here), driver's license, passport, tax records, change of address verification, etc., etc. were not good enough.  I can't even get my driver's license or car registration, though it was easy enough to pay my taxes.  This will be the first time in 40 years that I haven't voted.


Oh No!



Ted, at least you will be ready for the next election!

Every vote matter, blue state, red state, or state of confusion!  

I'll be voting on Tuesday! I live in a small town, so going in early on my way to work isn't much of a pain. I love going in on the day. Iowa has early voting as well, so voting places have popped up all over-grocery stores, library-and I've seen people using them. My fiancee is talking about voting this year for the first time in years. Woohoo!




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