I was a member on this forum about four years ago, and then about two years ago, I went back to faith. I came to the conclusion recently, that all this time, I have had an atheist mindset, but a believer's heart if that makes sense. My grandmother who I was very close to, died a little over two years ago when I was an atheist. I didn't know how to process her death without the comfort of faith. Even if I could logically process that faith is all BS, I still felt this deep ache, and it left me searching for answers...searching for other faiths, even. I came back to faith, and over the past several weeks, have abandoned faith, again. 

I created a new account here because I forgot my password from the former account. lol I hope that everyone here has been doing well, and I look forward to gaining some advice and possibly support from others who left faith, and struggled with the emotional side of that change. 

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An atheist mindset and a believer's heart, well said.  I feel the same.  Welcome back!




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