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I brought 5 spare ponchos and gave 4 away, saved one for my camera.

Our group (Forsyth Area Critical Thinkers) had a lot of stuff to share, we had water and about 100 bags of chips to pass around. I'll either blog about my experience or maybe post a thread in the main forum, it was an honor and privilege to attend the rally with the group I went with.

We were a diverse bunch (14, 15 including one of the event VIPs), several ex-military atheists (one of the women, Bronze Star recipient Steven Hewett and 3 others), close to parity gender-wise, from late teens to mid 60s in age, one of us was African American, another was gay, and I was the token foreigner.

<- This is the group I drove down with. All seven of us in a 15 seat van, I was actually able to grab a short nap on the way back                                          

We're Here!

We're Godless!

Get Used To It!

Best chant of the day...

My Blog post is up, lots of pics of the crowd (the other VIPs)

I've added 14 (I think…) videos in two updates so go back often, I'll probably make one more update tomorrow, then …let it go.

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I left our stuff unattended on several occasions and never was it messed with. I witnessed not a single physical confrontation. In fact the only disrespect of any kind I saw the whole day was at stage right.

I would say we demonstrated the moral high ground. That's what should be expected with a gathering of people that center their morals around their innate humanity and not because of the threat of damnation or promise of eternal reward with a "get out of Hell free card" for confessing.

We are good for goodness sake

So many great speakers. I can't wait for the DVD to come out, because it has to be shared.

My son is still on his way back from D.C. He had the chance to attend a luncheon where Richard Dawkins was going to make an appearance. I spoke with him briefly and he said he had an amazing time. I will definitely be getting the DVD. I don't know if the Reason Rally will become an annual event, but if so, I will definitely make plans to attend in the future.

Great new avatar, Richard! I'm so glad you and Jason had the opportunity to attend. Also I'm very happy to hear there were no problems with violence or confrontation. I only wish there had been more media coverage - I only saw one short Yahoo article posted on Friday (as if Yahoo was considered a true news source). More media coverage would show we are good, moral people without a supernatural crutch.

I've seen the Yahoo article, and it's a mealy-mouthed piece of BS.  "No passion," they said, as though heated arguments and fisticuffs would have been preferable!  Clearly, they neither know us nor understand who we are or what we're about.  Further, because those at the Rally conducted themselves well and there were no major (or even minor) incidents, it wasn't newsworthy ... yet that was as significant an event as the Mall has seen in a number of years.

"No passion"

Oh, there was an abundance of passion at the Rally, of course …when you write a news story about an event, before an event happens...

No, there was no violence, heated arguments only where there were irrational asshats, this was outside the event. But, we were loud, proud and had no problems expressing contempt for those who don't understand how a secular state is supposed to work, …in no uncertain terms. Probably the most unrestrained (and deserved) "profanity" ever heard in that place.

But, even at our most profane expressions of contempt for injustice, …we were still funny as hell. (the live sign-language interpretation of Tim Minchin was epic).

Love the new avatar.

"we shouldn't have to Rally for Reason!"

that was my favorite line of the day.  well, except for everything Tim Minchin sang :)

Hey everyone. Wanted to say welcome back. Richard, great new avatar.

My blog post is up, lotsa' pics. I had planned on a lot more commentary, but really the common theme is what was really important, "you are not alone". I've never worried about having to "come out" as an atheist, I lived in Canada most of my life though, …I do know from experience how different it is here, just a few hours drive from DC.

I've updated my blog with 9 videos from the event, I will be aggregating everything I find of watchable quality. So, …go see!

Update part deux: 5 more videos.

…just sayin'

Great avatar!  We just arrived home a few minutes ago!  It was an amazing event, but my family of three are exhausted and dreading work and school tomorrow.  I was there when the garbage collectors came to the mall, and watched as they found almost no trash to pick up!  My FB status Saturday night was , "Apparently, atheists don't believe in littering either!"  What a wonderful group of people!

That's amazing. Come to think of it, after BR was done I walked right through the middle of the grass where just 2 hours before thousands of people were standing and didn't see a speck of garbage. That's pretty impressive.




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