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I brought 5 spare ponchos and gave 4 away, saved one for my camera.

Our group (Forsyth Area Critical Thinkers) had a lot of stuff to share, we had water and about 100 bags of chips to pass around. I'll either blog about my experience or maybe post a thread in the main forum, it was an honor and privilege to attend the rally with the group I went with.

We were a diverse bunch (14, 15 including one of the event VIPs), several ex-military atheists (one of the women, Bronze Star recipient Steven Hewett and 3 others), close to parity gender-wise, from late teens to mid 60s in age, one of us was African American, another was gay, and I was the token foreigner.

<- This is the group I drove down with. All seven of us in a 15 seat van, I was actually able to grab a short nap on the way back                                          

We're Here!

We're Godless!

Get Used To It!

Best chant of the day...

My Blog post is up, lots of pics of the crowd (the other VIPs)

I've added 14 (I think…) videos in two updates so go back often, I'll probably make one more update tomorrow, then …let it go.

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This is because we aren't waiting for Jebus to call us up to heaven leaving behind our trash in "this old world". We understand we have to take care of this place. This isn't a rehearsal, but the main event.

Everyone in our group of 14 brought bags, …we filled them all before we left. There was a group in front of us, I won't mention from where…... (*COUGH*Pennsylvania*COUGH*) who were actually a minor pain in the ass all day, they left a mess and left before BR hit the stage… We cleaned it up, no big whoop.

Reason Rally Blog - Update III

  • now 20 videos
  • new content
  • many, …many links

Please have a (another) look, this will probably be the last update, barring any new appropriate video content becoming available.




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