Could an administrator please contact me?  Either a message or an email would be fine.

I want to change the email address where I receive AN updates, etc. from my gmail account to my yahoo account.  I can't do it because I'm told the yahoo account is "in use" by someone else.  If it is, it's got to be in use by me because it's my email account.  But I also can't log in using the yahoo account information either.



PS: On three separate occasions over the past year or so, I've used the "Report an Issue" page, but I've never received a response.

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Im not an administrator, and since that is a volunteer system I don't know when someone will contact you.  Maybe this is what you did, but here's what I was thinking:  in the more or less upper right hand corner there is your screen name, and below that a list, the bottom item is "Settings."  Clicking on settings takes you to the page to change your email account.  If thats what you already did, and it doesn't work, I don't know what to do.  I'm told prayer doesnt work either.

Correct, SB.  That's exactly what I've repeatedly tried to do.  Here's what I get...


We're Sorry

  • The email address has already been registered. Please choose another.


If I could log in using that email, possibly I could just "leave" AN and free up that email for use with my "real" account.

But when I try to log in using the yahoo email, here’s what I get…


A problem occurred

There is no account with the email address


But your "prayer" comment cracked me up!

aha... yahoo lapse?
lose yahoo go gmail or pay 2bux a month for host/email boxes etc.. i have no complaints w/machighway com outta colorado? maybe servers cheap in TX... anyhew
check me out!
art and digital dot com

i hear on NPR today someone say "yahoo is like the RCA of our time...




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