I do it everywhere, work, with friends, family.. I dont how much longer i can keep going like this. The only place i can be myself is here in my virtual world how pitiful is that?

Egyptian Agnostic.

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On Atheist Nexus....

Not pitiful.  But challenging, irritating, frustrating, and wrong.  And you have to do what you have to do, to be safe and to be accepted in an intolerant society. 

Groups on Nexus  - unfortunately, they don't very active.

Atheists who were muslims.

Arab Atheists

It's a shame they're not active


Always you know you have a place to share, vent, laugh and discuss here.

It takes courage to be an out and proud in even the most tolerant of  societies. So live your life as you know is right, challenge people where you can and change the world ever so slightly for the better wherever you can.


Thank you :)

I agree with you. I was so tired of pretending to be a fundamentalist Christian. Last year I came out as atheist, but I cannot be "out" to everyone yet. It takes courage and time.

In Africa in 2004 our favorite taxi (Matatu) driver was Muslim. He was a very nice man, but my wife was always bargaining with him and worrying him to death. I always thought he had a lot of patience.

Yeah i hear you, not all of them are bad like you mentioned with the Taxi driver, it's mostly about the society as a whole not accepting new ideas and beliefs.

I agree, it also brainwashes inherently good people and some of them dont think about it out of fear of the after life

Nah, it's not pitiful. There's always collateral damage when coming out and if your assessment of that potential is too hard or dangerous, then that's a choice you have to make.

When I came out, it started the ball rolling that ended with my parents now refusing to have contact with me and a lot of other relatives are noticeably more distant but that's a sacrifice I was willing to make. If the only place you're allowed to be yourself is here, then that's not your fault. 

I'm sorry about your parents, i hope things will get better for you.

This was posted today, thought it was very appropriate!

Moral Obligation to Come Out?

Erin, in the long run, I suspect your life will be more fulfilling, meaningful and happy if you follow your own lights. You will make mistakes along the way, we all do. The wise ones learn from mistakes and make better and wiser choices. 

Good luck to you. Remember, you have a cloud of witnesses on Atheist Nexus who venture out without a roadmap and if you think clearly, make wise choices, things will be better. 

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your support.


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