I do it everywhere, work, with friends, family.. I dont how much longer i can keep going like this. The only place i can be myself is here in my virtual world how pitiful is that?

Egyptian Agnostic.

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Pleased to meet you Brandi :)

Zain, this may sound odd, but there are places in the US where, while it may not be as utterly dangerous to be an atheist as it is where you are, it's still damned uncomfortable.  There are multiple places here where the people will tell you, they will INSIST that the US is a christian nation, built on christian principles and dedicated to christian ideals.  I hear this crap and it's nearly impossible NOT to wince, yet that is what they believe.  Then I watch what is going on in Tahrir Square and hear what Morsi is saying and I worry, not just about you and people like you, but all Egyptians.

It would be great to hear your side of things, what's going on from your point of view.  I think we'd all benefit from it.  Anything you can bring here about what's going on wherever you are would be greatly appreciated.

Of course Loren it's not odd, if i have to guess where those places are i'd say country side. 

Speaking of Morsi, his whole regime might collapse at the end of the month which is a good thing.

There's a campaign called Rebel gathered close to 20 million signatures to call for a no-confidence vote against Morsi and promote holding early presidential elections.

I just hope it wont come to a civil war, what gives me a little comfort is the army, they wont let it happen.

I guess the real question now is whether or not Egypt can do better than Morsi ... and after that, can they really accomplish something with the Egyptian Army being as dominant a part of your culture as it is.

Oh, and you're right about "countryside" being one of the bases for ... shall we call it, "less than rational thinking?"  There's also the matter of what we in the US call the "Deep South," also a breeding ground for bible-thumpers.

I have never been a theist but I think I can understand your predicament. Coming out as an Atheist can be considered "social suicide" specially in your case, following the muslim religion.

I don't know how fundamental your social circles are and thus can't judge or give you advice on how you should proceed.

Try to expand your circle, search for other atheists anonymously... Just sitting and waiting won't help you and won't change anything. This are all the suggestions that come to my mind at this moment.

My social circle.. the worst thing i could think of is they wont talk to me anymore, but with the society as a whole i might get killed by some nutjobs.

Recently there was this Atheist guy Alber Saber, he created a page on Facebook criticizing Islam, somehow they found where he lives and there was like a crowd on front of his home howling praised be god.. If not for the police the would had teared him a part. it's sad really.

The guy spent a month or so in prison and now he's in Paris. he was lucky.

I'm thinking of moving actually but it's just not possible at the moment.

Claim asylum. Not sure where you're thinking about moving to, but I know the US allows political refugees based on "persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion."

Something to look into if you're fearing for your life. Atheists don't have it easy here but at least no one actively tries to kill you.


We have kind of a rule or tradition in our household. Think about it once. Speak about it once, Take action to make changes. It doesn't say what or how to make those changes, it just means something is not healthy, something needs attention. The old traditional beliefs are not working and maybe it is the system that needs to change. 

There is a process we go through. First talk about whatever is causing distress or anxiety. Formulate a problem statement. i.e. "I am not able to be myself!" 

The next step is to create a goal statement. i.e. "I am able to be myself!"

Third, explore for ideas. Pull in as many ideas as you possibly can. The ideas can even be goofy. Use your imagination, creativity, explore, examine, experiment, do whatever it takes to generate some ideas. 

Fourth, Examine the ideas and identify those that appear to have the highest probability of getting you what you want. Formulate a plan. That is plan A. 

Fifth, put plan A into action. 

As you work your plan, problems will arise, re-look at your plan and do more, less, nothing or whatever seems to work. If Plan A just does not work, develop plan B and start back at the exploring stage. 

If you continue to talk about the situation and nothing changes or changes in the direction you do not want it to go, you are dealing with a systemic problem and you, alone cannot change it. Find others who share your problem and begin to work as a team to solve it, using this process. 

This is the strategy we used in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. King began to coalesce the different unions, including the garbage collectors, women, and anyone who had a complaint against segregation. They were gaining exponential power. That is why he was assassinated. 

There is a cost to be free. Freedom is never given. You have to claim it if you want it. So, think, talk, act. 

Good luck. 




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