Hello everyone! Again!  : D 

Yes, this is a facebook thing.  I work at a preschool in a VERY small town. EVERYONE is religious--not just religious, but SCARY religious.  One of 'my parents' has been posting all night about loving jesus, loving god, etc.  Then, she started posting about planned parenthood and how evil they are. I have known her for several years (my daughter went to preschool with her son) before her children were enrolled in my class.  So, then she starts posting about how evil planned parenthood is. I myself can't see having an abortion, but how dare I question someone else doing this?  Posting things that are just out and out lies.  I could not take it anymore.  So I gave a response that I'm sure she will not like or appreciate.  Why can't I just let them be? Why does it bother me so much?  Aargh!  Sorry, just venting again.  You all are so wonderful--lately it seems as if I have been posting these vents so much that I'm afraid that you will kick me off. 

Thank you all for being here.

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You have to be true to yourself. Let's hope though that you don't get burned at the stake (figuratively speaking) over it.


Working at a preschool with religious parents has to be a tough spot; i just can't imagine it. I think you were almost forced to give your opinion, because they would have sucked you in. It's good that you are sounding off with your opinion, it was probably the right move. I hate when a group assumes that i'm religious. I'm stuck with a whole bunch of them, and have two choices. Go along, or start a shit storm.
You are right, but then as soon as you open your mouth they start the 'persecuted christian' thing which then sends me off in another direction.  :(
Good on you for saying something :), even if it seems like it wasn't worth it. Let's hope you may have made someone else in your Facebook network feel less grief about their secret abortion. It's also better to same something because it shows them that not everyone will acknowledge their truths, and they may be more likely to question that truth apposed to not being questioned at all.
I feel for you Marie, I'm in the same position now, there are times I can't help but react - somethings just slip out, although I kept the 'A bombs' to myself for my own safety.
And that's one of the reasons I quit Facebook.  I don't know if it notifies people or not, but maybe it is time to just block this woman's posts from coming up on your wall.  You need your job, but not the aggravation.  I hope all goes well.
You're right.  I have been talking with my husband about getting rid of all the 'bible thumpers' on my page, but we both laughingly said that would leave both of us with roughly 2 friends.  I am going to do some 'cleaning' though.

Or just have it where folks are in various "groupings" that when you post "nonwork" material that you're covered. 


John D's sounds better all around though. It sucks that you are surrounded by the scary religious type. Because that is the type that no one can really be sure if they have all synapses working..


hey man, yu need to move, quick




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