Hi Y'all,

So I was reading a university article online and I was wondering...

Does this make any sense to you?


It ticked me off enough to motivate me to comment, but I can't even form complete sentences right now...

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I will join you in your riot. And I did not post either, for the same reason, but here is some of what I could get out and you are welcome to have it. Not really coherent, but I am pissed off at the moment...

"You really need to stop the socialist rhetoric considering how many programs that we have that are socialist. Here are a few, just so you do not mistake what I am saying: Police, Public Schools, Medicare, Fire Departments, WIC, FDIC and the list goes on."
Yeah, I'll borrow it when I mellow out. Thanks for replying :)

The comment about MLK being Republican...I fell out of my chair. The definition of Republican has changed MUCH since his time; now, you say Republican - I think of frothing-at-the-mouth teabaggers and Bill O'Reilly. *SIGH*
I know, right?! I remember when President Reagan spoke to the schools and there was no uproar, no protests, no fighting and back biting. Things have changed so much and people don't see it. I can't even imagine what MLK would say about what the party has become.

It actually pisses me off more when people try to take historical leaders and try to transmute or twist what they stood for, for their own agenda.
Right. I just couldn't believe he used someone who stands for the total opposite of what he wrote his article in favor of.I was hanging with international kids one day and my English friend quipped:

"I don't know what's up with Americans. They're FOR denying each other opportunities to better themselves, and FOR denying each other fundamental human rights. 'Do you want health care reform?' It's like asking people 'do you want to save kittens from being dropped in a deep fryer?' How can you possibly say no??"

The article is a good example.
No it isn't in any sense.

Wether or not the US with its current defecit can shoulder paying for healthcare reform is a legitamate issue.

After all, healthcare reform will be the least of our worries if the nation's government goes broke trying to reform it.

So I wish all of you who blather about how simple this healthcare issue is would look at it in a few more angles other than "well everyone deserves healthcare and that is that."

Iam not against universal healthcare or a government option or reform, but lets be realistic here.

Firstly, thank you for posting an opposing viewpoint.

Secondly, we've been in deficit for how long now? I don't qualify the state of the US treasure as a reason for stopping it, because the same excuse will be used over and over again. What would one propose, somehow absorbing the private insurance companies as a state entity so the government can make more money out of illness? It's not even possible.

Thirdly, the US will go broke from other issues, like the current war. We're already very close to the bottom, and things will get worse.

But really, what would you propose?
Not that complicated, really:

- Stop having the for-profit insurance companies suck 20% out of the system while denying people coverage (aka removing premium payers from the system) and otherwise adding no value whatsoever. And yes, I am saying that this entire category of business should be eliminated. It is nothing but a drain on our economy, and should not be tolerated for efficiency reasons alone. Besides, it's immoral. For-profit medical insurance has destroyed too many people for too long. We should not allow it to destroy our economy.
- Ensure that everybody pays into the system according to their means so that revenue is high enough to cover costs. There's simply no reason why health care reform should add to the deficit.
- Move all record-keeping and most doctor-patient communication to electronic means.
- Force pharmaceutical companies to engage in good-faith bulk purchase bargaining, just like the VA already does.
- Track medical errors and look for ways to eliminate or reduce them in a no-fault malpractice settlement system, rather than try to hide them, litigate them, and prevent learning from them because of sealed court records.
- Require and provide as part of the basic health care system wellness checkups, dentistry, and mental health. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There is no question that the US has been penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to health care. The quickest way for the US to go down the tubes is to not fix our health care system.
AHAHAH brilliant!
"I don't know about you, but I'd rather be waterboarded."

I totally agree with you. If you survive, please tell us how it feels.
Talk show host Mancow, who had been in favor of waterboarding, had himself waterboarded earlier this year. He didn't even last 10 seconds.
I had heard about this guy. Thanks for finding this.
Reminds me of something, oh yeah, here it is:
Bob and weave,
that's what I've learned to do so well with all the damn hold-ups these days
hold-ups of intellect or education; I blame religion and hollywood! that's why I've made my own of both





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