Hi Y'all,

So I was reading a university article online and I was wondering...

Does this make any sense to you?


It ticked me off enough to motivate me to comment, but I can't even form complete sentences right now...

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"Police, Public Schools, Medicare, Fire Departments, WIC, FDIC and the list goes on."
For those that oppose socialized program.
Next time you are a victim of crime: too bad
Next time your house catches fire: too bad
Next time your elderly relative needs medical treatment: too bad
Next time your bank goes bankrupts and takes the in your account: too bad
Next time you want to check out a book from the public library: too bad
Next time you want to educate your children: do it yourself or pay for it yourself
Next time you think democracy needs an educated populace: too bad because most people can't afford to pay for private schools or the time to teach.
Next time your parents who live on social security need their monthly income: too bad

Social Programs That Work
Where's the love?

And what's FYL?
heh it's a youthemism (new word for "youth euphemism"). Acronym for "fuck your life," which is the "you" form of "fuck my life" or FML. 3rd person singular form is FHL.

Good example:

"Today, I went on my first date in nearly a year. A few minutes into the meal, he called me "scrumptious" and proceeded to make animal noises for the rest of it. FML"
It seemed as though overnight we have decided we no longer want to work at democracy. We’d rather let the government control things.

He also seems to use a rather narrow definition of 'democracy'. I wonder how he envisions a direct democracy (devoid of governmental agencies) would run a 300 millions-citizens country.
He didn't sound very libertarian after that line. I figured it was just a clever ruse to prevent hellfire from being rained down from the liberal internets.
My school is rather conservative (you can tell by looking, trust me), so when people like him speak there IS an audience. Here...you actually have to be self-aware when you talk to people because chances are, they're probably gonna get pissed when you rant about reforming health care or supporting pro-choice. Or anything that sounds remotely like gender-equality. Or fiscally liberal. Or pro-social welfare. Or gay rights. Or anti-Greek.

Actually, he sounded a lot like the new libertarianism. They're pretty much neocons that don't hate minorities, homosexuals, and drugs.
Taxes = theft! Charity can provide for the less fortunate! Any social assistance programs herald the rise of socialism! Any policy I disagree with leads to the death of democracy! etc etc.

I spent about 15 minutes railing at the guy before I hit post and found out comments were moderated. I got a feeling mine ain't gonna make it through. I wish people would warn of moderation in advance. :P
heh heh.

I forgot about that, particularly cos mine went through.

But they MAY allow yours to pass. I mean...it IS a University newspaper. They're probably going to assume you're a student...which could in theory open up a can of worms BUT HEY, I'm pretty sure there's an outsider audience. What'd you say, anyway?
Actually, yours DID go through.
and the ending, by the way - BAHAHAHAHA :D
Yup I'll joon u too! Well it wouldn't mater how great a job Obama has done. People like this hate him for allot of irrational reasons. It's maddening and very sad.
It's annoying as hell.

The fringe is dominating the media, whyyyyyy?! Obama could find the cure to CANCER and a group of conservative cancer patients would protest and reject the cure on the grounds that he used socialism to find the cure and that, if they took it, they'd have to go to re-education camps.



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