Hi Y'all,

So I was reading a university article online and I was wondering...

Does this make any sense to you?


It ticked me off enough to motivate me to comment, but I can't even form complete sentences right now...

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The Republican Party has become a bottomless abyss of irrationality. The working poor who make up most of the Republican voting base are brainwashed into voting against their own best interests time and again. They'd rather starve than help pay for anybody else's food.
Well Emekan, it looks pretty doggone straight up to me! Just 'cuz yer an atheist does not mean you have to be a socialist.
Um, Obama is about as much of a socialist as Eisenhower was. Or perhaps you've forgotten about the interstate highway system, which everybody helps pay for and uses for free? It's utterly preposterous that people are complaining about Obama being a socialist (frequently in the same breath that they complain he is a fascist and a communist). He's actually fairly centrist on economic matters. Or did you also forget that Nixon froze wages and prices to combat inflation? Not exactly free-market, that. We have an actual socialist in the senate, Bernie Sanders (VT). Obama is considerably to the right of Mr. Sanders.

In any case, no economy on Earth is completely free-market, and none is completely command. Neither is actually possible nor desirable. All economies suffer from assymetrical information access and the tragedy of the commons, and so all economies require government regulation and assistance in order to meet the needs and protect the common interests of the people.

Why don't people get this????

Oh wait, dumb question...
Ok, I'm sorry, but I don't follow the media because it is 90% bs, but I have to know... Where and how and why did they come up with "Teabagger?" I get horrible images of all these old, uninformed a-holes standing in front of the White House, naked.... WTH?
But Teabagger? Really? I lmao the first time I saw it because I thought it was a joke!
Well, plus they spend a lot of time sucking balls.
Your fellow collegian is a moron. That is all.
He hasn't replied yet. Unless he's out waterboarding himself, I declare him a chicken!

Muahaha. I'm waiting for more students to jump in on this.
There was a similarly poorly-written article in the University of Mississippi's newspaper recently by some idiot who dropped a Spanish class because some of the videos shown about Spanish culture were a bit too R-rated for our poor sheltered reporter. She complained that she didn't need to know about the darker parts of a society to know its culture -- as if the dark parts don't shape the culture more than any other influence!

So, forgive me if I can't bring myself to fully read this. I don't think I need to get that angry yet today. Just a note, though, about socialism, for those who see it as a bad thing:


It's a great laugh.
No worries, I only read it because I haven't gotten rightfully pissed off in a while.

I'm stunned by the Spanish student. I would have loved to see her react to Lucia y el Sexo.



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