Hey guys, I'm looking for some people, 18-25ish (numbers can be fudged though) who would want to be involved in starting and producing a podcast on atheism.  somegthing that would cater to a younger audience of about the same age range.  I haven't seen many out there, and I'm looking to get involved, so this is my start.  I know on A/N that there isn't a centralized area, so most likely Skype would be involved or something like that.


about me; Im 23, i've never been a believer.  I'm well educated all around, but even more so in counter apologetics~  I guess if you're interested we'll get to know each other better anyways.  I have a very satirical sense of humor...  I'm a big fan of The Daily Show, if that helps any.


Any ways, if you respond I'll give you a list of questions so I can get to know about your views a little better~  If you look up my posts on A/N you will also find that (and this is my wording mind you) I'm "scholarly" but I write a lot, and I'm well informed on issues that I write about.


I guess the point is, if you have ever thought of getting involved and getting your voice out there, here is the chance.  Let me know here, or just send me a message to my account.  looking forward to hearing from you!

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What would be the focus and content?
oh, ok, you see when I think about atheist padcasts I feel that most areas are pretty well covered, especially by big one such as Point of Inquiry, though I hadn't thought of one for a younger audience, which sounds more workable. What areas would the podcast cover, so like in an episode what could a topic be and what would be the content? Would you be able to create interviews? perhaps there could be a comment wall or email, which could be read out on a certain subject.




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