The default logo looks like George W. Bush disguised as Jesus. While this is amusing, given that many people will not upload their own graphic, this can be annoying to see all the time. Also, even atheists, most of whom in the USA are apparently ex-Christians, tend to be as arrogant as Christians tacitly assuming that only (ex-)Christians really exist and nobody else inhabits the planet save for their Muslim enemies. There are plenty of people who come from other religious and cultural backgrounds, and even ex-Christians should cease exhibiting their Christian bias.

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hahaha! If those are your hands Mr. Black, I vote for this one.
I would love to see you, your evil partner, and corn do more collaborations.
Lmfao - I GOT the incentive part right away - but I thought it was a cross between GW and OSAMA BIN LADEN!
Ok, as a newcomer to the Nexus, I've got a couple questions

1) Why is it even seen as necessary to 'encourage' people to get a personalized avatar? If people want to get one, fine, but why not just give the option of going with that little "No Avatar" pic that somebody posted? I've been on the Arstechnica forums for years now, and they work great without avatars, and it also seems a lot less jumbled.

2) If one wants to get an avatar, where's a good place to go to find one? Can you just downgrade any picture to avatar size?
Avatars help us out. I tend to agree that 'no avatar' is less confusing. I keep seeing Kim Il and thinking - this guys opinions are all over the map?
Richard Mathews: 1) Why is it even seen as necessary to 'encourage' people to get a personalized avatar?

Because default avatars are viewed with suspicion. Unwelcome intruders, especially guerrilla theists, never change their avatars. If you choose to keep the default, be aware that you will treated differently by a lot of folk and maybe even jumped on occassionally.
I agree that a personalized avatar is important.
I disagree with making an annoying or unsightly one to encourage a new avatar because it makes the site look bad. I see wicked witch palin everywhere and it just looks bad.
I disagree with having a left-wing picture because all atheists aren't left-wing. I also think we're above black-and-white politics.
I vote for the Scarlet A, along with a login cookie that prompts the user (only) to post a picture for themselves. That way the site looks good, we're promoting a positive atheists symbol, and we're not locking nexus down to a political ideology.



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