No, not like Baron or anything.

I write a twin column for the Humanist Society of Scotland's magazine, Humanitie. This issue my friend and I are discussing the notion of free will, and I've argued that it doesn't really exist. I can't think of a title at all. In the past they've been a bit droll like "Confessions of a Meat Eater" metered by "Confessions of a Recovering Meat Eater", but I'm stuck here. Can the creative minds of Nexus help?

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Here's my idea "How free we aren't"
Awesome guys, thanks. Think I'm gonna go with How Free We Aren't.
Cool glad to help
How about "Subjective Reality"
Actually it's funny you should mention that. The first line is, "When Tim first suggested that we write about Free Will and the Clockwork Universe, the first thing I thought was, “yeah, I really love those films… that poor whale.”
Check out the padcast "Reasonable Doubts". They have one called "Free Willy vs. the Determinator" that is quite good.




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