Okay guys, my friend and I have recently gotten into a debate about god being on the money. He said that he doesn't think that anyone cares about it, but if I show him 100 people that do think it is a big deal, etc. He will admit that he was wrong, etc.

Now, PLEASE Sign your name, and say something about it!

I need YOUR help!

The discussion was just because of the photo I will upload.

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Oh yes. It bothers me to the point that I try not to carry paper and coin money.
My debit card doesn't make any theological statements - just depressing financial ones.
Good One...Master Card Debit is master of my fate too.
It is a big deal. The State needs to be secular and it isn't when it's pimpin' YAWEH.

If there was a vote I'd be the first in line to repeal it.

Andrew Hall

I'll sign my name. I'm pretty sure I just have to say so here. So... :D

And it's really messed up. I can't believe that they discriminate against groups of people who don't believe in a god.
I am absolutely against having "In God we Trust" on our money. I was rather fond of "E Pluribus Unum". Of course, many other substitutions would be acceptable. "In Liberty, we trust", "In Freedom....", "In Justice....", "In Humanity" as your example shows, amongst others.
I find it to be rankling and unnecessary. God didn't found this (or any) country, was not the inspiration for it and should not be attributed with either.
Count me in. I usually just cross out the whole phrase on all my bills. It's a little trickier on coins...
They change the money designs frequently enough...someone should've caught it. Take the sh*t off!
You can add my name to the list. It should be changed to read: In Science We Trust! If it can't be changed to that then it should be removed.




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