Please read my blog: How old is religion? by TrekJunky before denouncing my challenge.


Here is my challenge:

Please give your best answer to this question: How do you make the religious feel good with the truth?


If the question doesn't make sense to you, you will benefit greatly by taking about 10 minutes to read my blog. It explains why I ask the question and what I believe. And what I believe explains why I phrased the question the way I did.


Please feel free to call me all sorts of names! :o)

Oh! By the way, I am an Atheist.


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After having read that blog post of yours I still don't know why you posed the question in that ambiguous way in which you chose to phrase it.


Assuming that an accurate re-wording of your question is "How can (or would or do) you make the religious feel good using the truth (truth about religion, gods, etc.)?", then, although this is the only sensible meaning I can distill from your question, I don't know.  A correct answer might generally be "by using a great deal of rhetorical technique in telling one/them about, e.g., the beauty of the bottom-up order in the universe".

Ok. I will try to ask the question in an unambiguous way. If you agree that most peoples' first considerations are food and shelter, and only after those needs are satisfied will most people then need to feel good, then I ask this: What role does religion play in that need to feel good? For 100,000+ years, religion has evolved and perfected itself to manipulating people by making them believe the untrue makes them feel good. 


So, my question to everybody is this: How does the nontheist use what is true such as God is an invention of man's, science is after how the universe really is, astrologers are nothing but con-artists, science has changed the world completely in less than a century and the speed which science is changing the world is increasing, etc, to make the religious person feel good?


What is the best way to use the tools of religion against itself?


Have a wonderful Sunday.




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