I totally abhor the thought of how many times this happens in Canada, North, Central, South America or the world for that matter:
(warning this is url is not for kids to read)

Hence the need for more like-minded, ethical, moral groups such as what we have here called atheist nexus and the sub-groups localized; get jobs within these government systems. Gradual as the growth of organizations may be, the non-theist groups will become needed for extended families and their progress in or for the world we and our kids live in. We've seen the backlash and blind-eye of many, but not all, religions or their institutions.

It's a digital world now, things happen faster and with more efficiency yet exploitation happens that much faster as well. I've seen elders upset with technology because of that which they're fed on TV, they refuse it as an application, tool or appliance for good communication.

As I read in an Ingersoll page: "Wisdom is the science of happiness." Hence there's no need to hold back knowledge, free-thought or whatever you and yours wants to call it anymore. There's this new king of thought in town called the internet.

Hats off to those that started this site.
I wish I had the helm sometimes on TV or places of influence (can't you tell by the amount of posts I construct?).
I've learned quite well from my mistakes and others' mistakes.
It's not rocket science to realize people have to make a better world, make it real; free parks, better education. I'm not crying wolves, I'm pointing them out. I'm not whistle blowing, I'm Marshall amp stack blaring. Again, bands that may look crazy-punk but make sense like Sick Of It All from NYC.

Take care and question all that causes you to think.


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