One of my first introductions to funny anagrams was when some Yippies told me that "Ronald Wilson Reagan" worked out to "Insane Anglo Warlord". I'm still getting mileage out of that one.

Since then, I occasionally remember to look up the Internet Anagram Server, and waste more precious hours of the only life I have make more anagrams.

From "Atheist Nexus", I got:

Exhaust Nites - appropriate for the insomniacs that populate the chat room.
Thus, Exit Sane - for the deconverts
Hi, Text Anuses - a tribute to the trolls

Please, add your favorites.

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So now the IRS is here... great. ;)
So now the IRS is here... great

How'd you get that out of "anagram insanity"?
Creationists = Titanic Sores

...on the ass of humanity.
Fundamentalist - Satan Mind Flute

Evangelist = Evil's Agent
Sarah Palin -- Has Liar Nap
meabh moderator

A Hammered Robot
Madam Reboot Her
Drama Beret Homo
Mama Bred Hooter
Mama Reboot Herd
Aborted Ham More
This is much more accurate than reading entrails, except for the "hooter" bit. That would be "hooters", plural.
felch grogan

flog changer
gong her calf
Bill Donohue=
Bullied Oh No
Blued Hi Loon
Lubed Oh Loin
Bile Loud Hon
Heh. I have long thought about opening an Anagram Prediction Service, or an Anagram Character Evaluation Service. People make big bucks doing astrology, numerology, etc... why not with anagrams?

Louis Davout =

avoid us lout
visual outdo
us oil vat duo


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