Not safe for work.  At least, not safe for my workplace.


I wish I could just play this whenever the religionists  start getting all pretend-bibley and making like their pretend god is on their side with their stupid religious claims.


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Oops.  I had the wrong video on there.  This is the right one.  AT least it wasn't anything bad!

I think Cenk is referring to the woman in Ireland who died recently because she was refused an abortion on  legal grounds.

Yup.  That's a very emotional rant that I can totally identify with.  I'm right there on the same page as Cenk. 

So am I ... and the shame is that his rant will only have a limited audience.  Sure it has 50,000+ views, but how many people outside the YouTube community know about Cenk and The Young Turks?  Not many, certainly not by comparison with those who know the names Brian Williams, Scott Pelley and Diane Sawyer, and sadly, there are people out there who have no idea who THEY are, at least in the US.

The shame is that the shepherd - sheep thing has worked.  The shepherds tell their sheep what to believe and the sheep swallow it whole, not even bothering to think about it.  The only exception would be where one of them is actually caught in a situation where they have to deal with a situation involving an unwanted pregnancy and untoward consequences and they don't like the answers they're getting from their local priest.  I suspect there are a lot of people in Ireland doing a reevaluation of their own beliefs right now because of that incident involving the woman and the hospital.  Some of them are beginning to wake up to the fact that they've been sheep ... and I think they're beginning to resent it.

Sadly, too many are still in a stupor, still parroting what they were taught in catechism or Sunday school, too lazy or frightened to think outside of the box they've been stuffed in.  Waking them up is going to take more than a rant, and I think Cenk is as frustrated with that as he is with the religious zombies he rants about.

Geez, Cenk. Don't sugar coat it! Tell us what you really think. 

Hitchens was right. Religion poisons everything.

Kind of makes me wish there was a hell for Christians.  They would be forced to watch this video over and over again.  While eating lime jello.

With carrots.

Hey, I happen to like lime jello with carrots.....and I'm NOT kidding!

FA,not the lime jello you like. Rather, the kind the elderly woman brought over for the Griswold's dinner on the movie, Christmas Vacation.

Oh the horror!!!

That gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, listening to Cenk go off on fundamentalism.

i've got to bookmark this.  i fucking love it!!




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