Dinosaurs were my first introduction to science. Like most kids I loved dinosaurs, but unlike most kids I was truly passionate about learning about dinosaurs. Before the age of ten I knew most of the competeing theories about the KT extinction event and had made up my mind about which one seemed most correct based on what I knew about dinosaurs.

That's why when someone talked about Noah's ark or Adam and Eve I knew they were talking about a made up story. I knew there was no evidence for a world wide flood and I knew that the earth was billions of years old, not created in six days, and I knew I was an evolved animal. I believed in God, yes, but for me all the other stories in the Bible were just made up fun. If I met a Biblical literalist when I was a kid I probably would have just laughed at them for saying silly things. I still remember having an intense argument over the sandbox during the first grade with a boy who tried to tell me that humans weren't animals. It was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard at that age. Of course we're animals. What else would we be?

Later on some adults tried to defend that little boy's position. I can't remember who it was exactly. It might have been a teacher or maybe it was my grandfather. Anyway, he said that I was confused, that humans were mammals but not animals. For a few days I thought the whole world had gone completely bonkers. Mammals are animals, too. What difference did that make?

I'm glad my family decided to expose me to dinosaurs and true science at an early age. It's the best bullshit repellent out there.

PS - The allosaurus in my avatar is from the San Diego Museam of Natural History. She was the first dinosaur I ever met in person and I've loved her all my life. <3

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Well, I'm talking about real dinosaurs and real paleontologists, like Jack Horner and Robert Bakker.

Aside: Has anyone else noticed that like 99% of the dinosaurs in the Creation "Museum" look like they were stolen from Jurassic Park or Dinotopia?

^Jurassic Park baby t-rex.

^Creation "Museum" baby t-rex.
Heh, well what did you expect? When you use all your energy and imagination to create a God you pretty much don't have any room for thought anymore. You just have to 'take what you see' as the expression goes.
This image fills me with righteous nerd rage. THAT IS NOT ANATOMICLY CORRECT, CREATIONIST BASTARD! Also, why is Adam rubbing it's crest like that? What the hell?
No, I understand completely. Dinosaurs are a powerful weapon for indoctrinating children. But I think the real science behind dinosaurs is way cooler than anything creationists have ever said about them.
"I knew that the earth was millions of years old"-- Sorry I hate to correct people but it's actually billions of years old :)

I love dinosaurs too, and I find people who deny their existence to be hysterical, and a quite sad.. I had a friend when I was about 10, and her mother was a full out, in your face Christian and she didn't believe in dinosaurs. Even at 10 I knew how ridiculous that belief was.
Oops, I think that was a typo. xD I was originally going to write "I knew that the dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago" but my brain forgot to change the word millions to billions. I'll change that now.

I hadn't even heard of creationism until I got into high school. When I did hear about it I thought it was a small fringe group of nutties. I assumed, "Nobody can possibly believe this!" Oh, I was so wrong. So horrifyingly, terribly wrong!
Lol, the missing verse.

Oh no, it's the devil who created the fossils, you know, to throw mankind off the righteous path?? He went to a lot of trouble to screw with us, we better give Satan some recognition! lol
Sounds like Satan has more fun! Lol.
I find it odd that some Christians try to explain the fossil record by saying something like, "God's just testing our faith." If that's the case, then God's not just playing a trick on us. He's outright lying. Most Christians believe God doesn't do that.

And really, Satan's wasting his time. He's already divised so many other ways to "fool" people into rejecting Christ he doesn't even need to invent dinosaurs. ;)
He's a funny guy. :D
I bet God is just up there watching us watch 'The Silence of the lambs' and laughs because that's what he says when ever somebody rubs lotion of them.

"It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hoes again."

Anyway, you're right. In that context God is lying to everybody and not just testing us.




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